Track Work – Thursday, 20th September 2018


Galloping on the plough, Power O’Hata shaded Break My Stride after a solid 1000 in 1:05.4, sprinting the final 600 in 36.8. The stablemates are due to race at Pukekohe this Sunday.

Stella Noire looks ready to make amends for her last disappointment when coming in comfortably from the 600 in 40.1. She races in the Hawkes Bay Gold Trail Stakes this Saturday. Tomilila and Pukekohe race rival Saint Emilion matched strides from the 1200 in 1:22.2, coming home in 39. Deals In Heels did her weekend prospects no harm when clocked over 1000 in 1:07.5, finishing off in 38.4.

Lizzie L’Amour and Francaleta looked fit for Hastings when paired over 1200 in 1:21.3 and 38. Maygrove and Mental Telepathy maintained a solid clip from the 1400 in 1:34.8 and 37.1. Mongolian Marshall, another Baker/Forsman runner with excellent prospects this weekend, came to the end of 1000 in 1:07.9 and 37.8.

Dream On looked in good order when timed from the 1000 in 1:07.7, home in 39. Stablemates Fawn and Sheriff, who are race rivals at Hastings this weekend, strode 1000 in 1:11.3, the 600 in 41.2. Charlie Zulu followed in 1:08 and 38.5. Beauty Way left 1000 behind in 1:08.3, the final section in 39.9.

Chou Chou was clocked over 1200 in 1:27.3, home in 41.3. I Want Choux came in from the 600 in 38.8. Simply Optimistic was given an easy task over 600 in 42.2. Jet Charged and French Cut followed in 44. Podravina was in good form alongside Princess Sapphire from the 1000 in 1:07.9 and 38.6.

Highlad kept up a good pace from the 1200 in 1:18 and 37.1. Franklin was timed from the 600 in 40. College Fund Girl and Tavistep ran 600 in 39.5. The Magnate returned 1:22.8 for 1200 and home in 39.2. Stratocaster followed good Tuesday work with 600 run in 39.1. Close Up ran a comfortable 1000 in 1:14.2 and 43.2. Waipipi Lad came in from the 800 in 55. Die Hard and Pearlessence came to the end of 1400 in 1:36, sprinting the 600 in 38.3. Wooden Red and Wooden Edge were timed from the 600 in 38.5.

Track Work 18 September 2018

CLOSE UP and STRATOCASTER were two of several good gallops during a busy session at Cambridge this morning. Working on the plough, CLOSE UP looked in good order when maintaining a good clip from the 1000 in 1:05.2, sprinting the last 600 in 36.8.

STRATOCASTER who trialled well recently, sprinted 600 nicely in 36.9.

LIZZIE L’AMOUR and FRANCALETTA travelled sweetly together over 1400 in 1:35, the last 600 in 38.9.

NICOLETTA and SAINT EMILION matched strides over 1400, the last 1000 in 1:08.2 and the 600 in 39.7.

MAYGROVE and HIGHLAD matched strides over 1400 in 1:34.8 and 38.4. TOMELILLA and DEALS IN HEELS both looked ready to race well fresh when covering 1000 in 1:08 and 39.1.

CHARLIE ZULU returned 1:08.1 for 1000, the last 600 in 39.1. JIMMY ROCKET came to the end of 1400 in 1:34.3, finishing off in 38.9.

JET CHARGED and FRENCH CUT were sent a comfortable 600 in 44.1. ELLE D’BERRY followed in 44.7.

LUVLUCY and THE FAITH left 1000 behind in 1:10 and 40. LOTHBROK was clocked over 600 in 39.7.

PEARLESCENCE and DIEHARD matched strides over 1400 in 1:36.1, the final 600 in 39.8.

HINERANGI was clocked over 1000 in 1:08 and 38.9. POWER O’HATA and LOVE AFFAIR were in good form together from the 1200 in 1:22.1, finishing off in 39.3.

LADY BLUE and SPECTRA were timed over 600 in 38.3. GUNDOWN and RHINESTONE COWBOY did well over 1000 in 1:06.1, the final section in 37.9.

KARM ‘N’ EASY strode comfortably from the 600 in 44.7. SNITZ OF TIME followed with similar work. CROWN PROSECUTOR cut out 600 in 41.9.

DARCI PALMER returned 1:05 for 1000 and 39 for 600. DREAM ON worked well over 1000 in 1:04 and 37.9.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS and ELEANOR RIGBY both looked close to a win when returning 1000 in 1:08.8, the last 600 in 39.1.

MONGOLIAN MARSHAL and THE CHOSEN ONE were well held over 1000 in 1:10 and 41.4.

PODRAVINA and ZANYETTA matched strides over 1200 in 1:22.4, sprinting the 600 in 37.4.

MEXICAN TYCOON and a RELIABLE MAN Gelding worked in from the 600 in 40. ESPRESSO MARTINI and CARIBBEAN ROSE were clocked over 600 in 38.7.

CUTADEEL and DAM RELIABLE left 1000 behind in 1:06.3 and 39.4. FAWN ran 600 in 38.8.

SHERRIF followed in 39.2. Impressive last start winner, CYBER ATTACK was not fully extended from the 600 in 40.4.

THOMAS AQUINAS and QIJI EXPRESS were clocked over 600 in 37.8. BREAK MY STRIDE was timed from the 600 in 40.

ELECTRODE and PRINCESS ORIGAMI were another pair to work well over 800 in 50. BOSTONIAN sprinted 400 in 28.

PINEAPPLE LUMP and SPRING DELIGHT were sent an easy 1000 in 1:13 and 41. ST ANDRE, ELATE and RELIABLE BELLE came in from the 1000 in 1:05.1, home in 38.8.

SIMPLY OPTIMISTIC reeled off 800 in 54.6. LITE MY CIGAR was given an easy task over 600 in 45.

THE MAGNATE ran 1200 in 1:25 and 41.3. IGNORED and MANTARI were on terms throughout 1000 in 1:05.1 and 38. CRAFTY JESS sprinted 600 in 37.7.

MAJOR DOMO and HENLEY ROAD ran 600 in 38. WHATADEEL and DECLARADA were timed over 600 in 40.1.

CAMPARI returned 1:09 and 38.8. PITCH AND SWITCH ran an easy 600 in 43.9. SEVENTH UP did well from the 1000 in 1:06.2, home in 38.1. ANGEL IN BLUEJEANS ran 800 in 53.7.

SUPERSTATIC ran 600 in 39.8. ONE PRIZE ONE GOAL left 1000 behind in 1:07.3, the final 600 in 39.3.

Track Work 13 September 2018

NEW YORK MINUTE and THE HEIRESS, who are due to race at Awapuni this weekend, worked well in separate gallops this morning.

On the sand NEW YORK MINUTE produced stylish work from the 1200m run in 1:22.2, sprinting the last 600m in 38.3. She looks well and should be most competitive in what is likely to be her last race.

THE HEIRESS should continue her consistent run of form this weekend. She was travelling nicely at the completion of 800m, clocked in 53.2 and 38.2 for the 600m.

MADISON COUNTY and SAHAR, both recent trial winners, matched strides over 1000m in 1:8, sprinting the final 600m in 37.8.

MADISON COUNTY has been performing well in his morning workouts over recent weeks and should race well in the Cambridge Stud Northland Breeders Stakes at Ruakaka.

The well-bred IFFRAAJ Colt SAHAR will also start his spring campaign at Ruakaka.

QIJI EXPRESS and BOTTI came to the end of 1000m in 1:9.1 and 38. LET ME TELL YA was given an easy time over 600m in 41.6. DURAAJ was timed from the 800m in 53.1.

Working on a slow No 1 grass, CLOSE UP looked in great order for weekend racing when running the final 600m of his work in 39.5.

SUPER BULLET and a KEEPER gelding maintained a solid pace from the 1000m, dashing the last 600m in a smart 36.2.

On the No4 grass SEVENTH UP strode 1000m in 1:9 and 40.6.

On the No 2 grass STORMING THE TOWER started slowly from the 1200m, increasing pace from the 600m run in 38.5.

AIM SMART and MAGNUM left 800m behind in 51.3, coming home in 38.2.

FAST CATCH returned 1:7 and 40.1. EPAE ROAD and GENERAL LEE ran 600m in 37.8.

IRISH CALL was not tested when coming in from the 600m in 41.4. AILEEN GRACE and a PINS gelding did well when sprinting in from the 600m in 36.5.

Track Work 11 September 2018

Stable mates BEASTMODE and RENE were in sizzling form at Cambridge this morning.

Working 9 meters out on a good number two grass, BEASTMODE and RENE hit the line together after a quick 1000 in 1:02, dashing the final 600 in 35.1.

IFFRAAJ|MOSELLE and VICTORIA did well when clocked over 600 in 36.1. I AM INVINCIBLE|MAGIC EAGLE and OKOTO finished on terms, after being clocked over 600 in 38.1.

COME IN SPINNER and TIPICAL left 1000 behind in 1:04.4, finishing off in 38.1. GRAND EAGLE and HEAVENLY EMPEROR were not after time when cruising from the 1000 in 1:11 and 41.3.

THEE AULD CRUIZER, from the in form Stephen Marsh stable, was in good form over 1200 in 1:21, the 1000 in 1:05.3, the last 600 in 37.5.

ROCKY cut out 1000 in 1:07, the 600 in 38.4. KOOL CONNECTION looked fit when completing 1000 in 1:07.4 and 38.1.

BEAUTY WAY did well over 800 in 50.4. BATTLE TIME reeled off 800 in 51.8.

Working on the number 4 grass, SAINT EMILION and LIZZIE L’AMOUR looked in good order for upcoming engagements when matching strides over 1000 in 1:06.4, finishing off in 38.2.

HIGHLAD and NEW YORK MINUTE followed in 1:06.8 and 38.5. Galloping on the sand, CARICATURE gave notice a win is imminent with solid work over 1200 in 1:20.4, sprinting the final 600 in 36.9.

OLE OLE and GUNDOWN left 1000 behind in 1:08.2, home in 37.6. IGNORED shaded MATAURI after 1000 in 1:07.5, with the 600 in 38.4.

MADISON COUNTY, MONGOLIAN MARSHAL and SAHAR worked nicely together over 1000 in 1:05.2 and 37.4.

CUTADEEL and VISCONTI were clocked from the 600 in 37.9. ELEANOR RIGBY and QUEEN OF DIAMONDS followed in 38.4.

PRINCESS ORIGAMI and SPRING DELIGHT left 600 behind in 37.5. LITE MY CIGAR was given an easy task over 600 in 44.9.

MONEY TRAIL did well over 600 in 37.6. PARVINA ran the last 600 of 1000 in 38.

MAGIC CHAI was given a similar task. INDECISION left 1200 behind in 1:21.6 and 38.2.

WEKAFORCE cut out 1000 in 1:08 and 38. BLUE LAGOON was sent 1400, the last 1000 in 1:08.1, the 600 in 38.5. RANGIPO ran the last 600 of 1000 in 37.9.

Track Work 6 September 2018

No track work available today.

Track Work 4 September 2018

REDCAYENNE and SACRED DELIGHT were in good form on the number two grass at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping on the inside on slow footing, which always returns fast times, REDCAYENNE and SACRED DELIGHT travelled sweetly together from the 1000 on 1:03.8, dashing the final 600 in 36.3.

OUR KATY CRUZ was another to work well from the 1000 in 1:04.9, sprinting the 600 in 36.2.

ROCKY and CASTLEDALE were on terms throughout a solid 1000 run in 1:02.9, finishing off in 36.4.

ARNAGE and MUSSOLINI were another pair to run a fast time over 1000 when clocked in 1:02.2 and 36.9.

RED BEACH and PRINCESS SAPPHIRE left 1200 behind in 1:20, coming home in 37.5.

PACORUS was given an easy 1200 in 1:26 and 43.4. BEAUTY WAY and SKAABOOM were on terms throughout 1000 in 1:04.2, the concluding section in 37.3.

LAMBRUSCO worked nicely from the 1200 timed in 1:19.1, home in 37.1.

SO WICKED, although not after time, handled the loose conditions well over 1200 in 1:21.1, the 600 in 39.7.

DONTGIVEADAM and THEE OLD COUGAR completed 1200 in 1:18.7 and 38.4. TIPICAL was timed over 800 in 51.1.

VAN DIAMOND strode easily from the 1000 in 1:12, the 600 in 40.2. EXEMPLAR and GOLDILICIOUS did well over 1000 in 1:04 and 37.8.

Galloping on the number 4 grass, BOTTI and PEACEFUL travelled nicely together from the 1000 in 1:09.6 and 41.1.

SANTA CATARINA edged ahead of BOBBY DAZZLER over 1000 in 1:09.2 and 40.4. HATTIE BEE cruised comfortably over 1000 in 1:15.4, finishing off in 42.2.

NICOLETTA and VIN DE DANCE hit the line together after 1000 run in 1:09.7, the 600 in 39.7.

Track Work 30 August 2018

FRANCALETTA rounded off her preparation for Saturday’s Group One Tarzino Trophy with excellent work at Cambridge today.

FRANCALETTA maintained a solid gallop alongside NEW YORK MINUTE from the 1200, completing the final 1000 in 1:05.9, the last 600 in 39.4. With the likelihood of FRANCALETTA making the field, she will be tough to beat from an inside barrier draw.

Race rival JON SNOW had NICOLETTA for a companion over 1200, the last 1000 in 1:10.1, the 600 in 40. He looks fit and ready to race well fresh up.

STELLA NOIRE, who brings a big reputation into Saturday’s El Roca – Sir Colin Meads Trophy for three year olds, worked well over 1000 in a comfortable 1:11.4, coming home in 42.2. She looks fit but will have to overcome the outside barrier draw.

Stablemate and race rival CYBER ATTACK followed with easy work over 1000 in 1:12.4 and 43.1.

QIJI EXPRESS, another entered for the El Roca – Sir Colin Meads Trophy was given an easy task from the 1000 in 1:13, the concluding section in 43.1.

ZACADA came to the end of 1000 in 1:08.4, the 600 in 40.1. On the number 2 grass, also heavy with the markers out 18m, INDECISION followed excellent Tuesday work with another encouraging gallop over 1000 in 1:08.7, the final 600 in 39.5.

Last start winner LOTHBROK, sprinted 800 in 51.9. HIGHLAD cut out 1200 in 1:22, coming home in 41.1.

CARICATURE strode nicely over 1000 in 1:10 and 41.3. PADRAIG and RENE matched strides over 1000 in 1:11.3, sprinting the 600 in 39.5.

THEE AULD CRUIZER left 1000 behind in 1:08.4 and 40.6. THEE OLD COUGAR followed in 1:09 and 41.

PARVINA was clocked from the 600 in 39.1. WEKAFORCE and SACRED QUARTZ came to the end of 1000 in 1:12.1, the 600 in 42.6. S

SIMPLY OPTIMISTIC ran the last 600 of 800 in 41.4. He should be competitive at the Ruakaka meeting this weekend.

SOUND THE SIREN ran in from the 600 in 41.7. HARBOURSIDE and RIPPA EAGLE cruised an easy 1000 in 1:14 and 42.

SUNONTHERUN worked over 1000 in 1:11.1, coming home in 40.7.

BEAUTY WAY and SKAABOOM were on terms throughout 1000 in 1:12, the 600 in 42.3.

LISMORE DIAMOND and LUVLUCY were given an easy task from the 1000 in 1:14, and 42. DONTGIVEADAMN ran 1000 in 1:09.4, the last 600 in 40.1.

Track tip: Race 7 Tarzino Trophy at Hawke’s Bay RI at 3.50 pm | FRANCALETTA. Big run fresh up at Te Rapa. Nice draw. Good each way hope.

Track Work 28 August 2018

Several class horses galloped well when preparing for this weekend’s G1 TARZINO STAKES Day at Hastings.

Working on a dead No 4 grass, JON SNOW edged ahead of SAINT EMILION at the conclusion of 1200m, the final 1000m run in 1:5.9, sprinting the last 600m in 38.1.

JON SNOW has performed at recent trials and looks ready for a huge fresh up run in the season’s first G1.

CLOSE UP was also in good form over 1000m, timed in 1.5.3, finishing off in 38.4. NEW YORK MINUTE, who will need rain affected ground to compete at her best, worked nicely alongside FRANCALETTA from the 1000m in 1:5.5, the final 600m in 38.2.

SEVENTH UP returned a quick gallop over 1000m in 1:4.4 and 37.7. Stable mates QIJI EXPRESS and MADISON COUNTY, who are race rivals at Hastings this weekend, matched strides from the 1000m 1:5.2 coming home in 38.1.

QIJI EXPRESS shaded the other at the line, but both look in first class order and should race well.

ZACADA pinged along from the 1000m in 1.5.6, the 600 in 38.2. MEXICAN TYCOON and VIN DE DANCE cut 1000m out in 1:8, home in 38.8. UGO FOSCOLO was timed over 600m in 38.5.

STELLA NOIRE and CYBER ATTACK were given an easy task over 1000m in 1.14 and 41.5. BELLA GIOIA ran a comfortable 600m in 44.1.

Working 4m out on the No 2 grass, POP STAR PRINCESS, who was most impressive when winning a strong trial at Te Rapa last week, had stablemate DE KONING for company over 800m in 51.3.

RIPPIN and HARBOURSIDE left 1000m behind in 1.5.3 and 38.8. BEAUTY WAY and PARVINA did well over 1000m in 1.3.2, home in 35.4.

PITCH AND SWITCH was well held from the 600m in 41.5. SOUND THE SIREN followed in 39.7.

HIGHLAD and MENTAL TELEPATHY impressed with 1000m in 1.2.5, home in 36.

PODRAVINA and PRINCESS SAPPHIRE came to the end of 1200m in 1.19, the final 600m in 37.9.

DEALS IN HEELS was clocked from the 600m in 38.2. LUVLUCY and LISMORE DIAMOND ran the last 600m of work in 37.3.

LOTHBROK left 1400m behind in 1:35.2 and 39.3.

PADRAIG and GOBSTOPPER came in from the 1000m in 1.4 home in 36.1.

Track Work 23 August 2018

OLE OLE looked at peak fitness for the Platinum Homes Taranaki Challenge this weekend when returning encouraging final work.

On a heavy No 4 grass, OLE OLE matched strides with classy stable mate FRANCALETTA from the 1000m, clocked in 1:10, sprinting in from the 600m in 38.9. He should be hard to beat in a competitive field.

NEXT UP strode comfortably over 1000m in 1:17, finishing off in 45.2.

Galloping on the outside of a heavy No 2 grass, BREAK MY STRIDE, who begins a fresh campaign at Te Rapa this weekend, handled the conditions well when completing 1200m in 1:22.3, the last 600m in 38.3. He is a course and distance winner and should go well first up.

MISS CAMPBELL came in from the 600m in 41. She ran a much improved race last start and looks fit for New Plymouth this Saturday.

BEE TEE JUNIOR and WHERE ARE YOU left 1200m behind in 1:24.2, the concluding 600m in 40.5.

MAGIC EAGLE and MISS OPERA came to the end of an easy 800m in 59 and 44.1.

HELIBERRY did her New Plymouth prospects no harm when coming in nicely from the 800m in 53.3 the final 600m in 39.9.

LISMORE DIAMOND and CYBER ATTACK were on terms at the finish of a comfortable 1000m, timed in 1:14 and 42.6.

HIGHLAD and CRAFTYEVA cut out 1200m in 1:22.1, finishing off in 40. DEFER ran 1200m in 1:24.2 and 41.2.

EL JODI was timed from the 600m in 42.

Track tip | Taranaki RI | Race 5 | Platinum Homes Taranaki Challenge at 2.28 pm | OLE OLE.

Track Work 21 August 2018

LILY THE PINK and MADISON COUNTY returned the fastest gallop during a quiet session at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping on a heavy number two grass, LILY THE PINK and MADISON COUNTY hit the line together after 1000, run in 1:07.5, the final 600 in 38.4.

BREAK MY STRIDE was in good form from the 1200 in 1:21, finishing off in 38.9. HONFLEUR cut out 1000 in 1:09.2 and 39.7. SKAABOOM and OVERKNIGHT strode 1000 together in 1:12.4, the 600 in 41.3.

HORSEY HORSE HORSE left 1200 behind in 1:23.2, the final 600 in 42.1. EL DISPARO worked in from the 1000 in 1:09.3, home in 43.

ROCKY ran the last 600 of his work in 42.9. ARGYLL cut out an easy 1000 in 1:11, the 600 in 42.3.

GO GO GOAL and INDIGENOUS UNION maintained a good clip from the 1200 in 1:19.4, the final 600 in 39.8.

AIM SMART and MAGNUM were timed from the 800 in 52. Galloping on the number four grass SAINT EMILION worked in from the 1000 in 1:08.6, home in 39.4.

ZACADA ran the last 1000 of 1400 in 1:09 and 41. RANGIPO ran the last 600 of his work in 41.