Track Work 19 July 2018

NEW YORK MINUTE looks set to complete a hat trick of wins when she contests this weekend’s Powerworx Opunake Cup at the Taranaki Racing Inc’s meeting at Pukekura Raceway.

Galloping on a heavy number 4 grass, NEW YORK MINUTE travelled comfortably from the 1000 in 1:09.1, the final 600 in 40.3. She looks in first class order.

Race rivals DEALS IN HEELS and TOMELILLA were also in good form, running 1000 in 1:08.7, the last 600 in 39.9.

SAINT EMILION was clocked from the 600 in 42.1. BONNEVAL, who is coming to hand well, did well over 1000 in 1:08, sprinting the final 600 in 38.1.

JON SNOW worked in from the 600 in 40.3. VIN DE DANCE ran the last 600 of his work in 41.7.

Working on a number 2 grass, ALVINS DREAM looked fit for Te Rapa when sent 1000 in 1:08.1, the concluding section in 37.9. He has been working well over recent weeks.

SOUND THE SIREN and JET CHARGED enhanced their weekend prospects when sprinting 600 in 38.6.

PEARLESCENCE, who looks well placed in the rating 65 1800m at New Plymouth, worked nicely alongside stablemate GRAND RIO over 1000 in 1:08.5, coming home in 38.9.

GENERAL SHERMAN and ECHOES OF HEAVEN|RACE EMPRESS were given an easy 1000, the last 600 in 44.7.

SOCIALLY EXCITED and TRIPLE DIAMOND cut out 800 in 52.9. HELIBERRY came in from the 600 in 40.

ROBUSTO and BEAU JEU matched strides from the 1200 in 1:24.1 and 40.1. FRANCALETTA and RUBIRA started easy from the 1000, increasing pace from the 600 in 41.1.

Best Bet: Taranaki Racing Inc’s meeting at Pukekura Raceway | Race 2 – Coastal Agri Service/De Laval 1800 | PEARLESCENCE.

Track Work 17 July 2018

NEW YORK MINUTE and DEALS IN HEELS galloped nicely together on a morning where fog prevented the timing of most gallops.

Working on a heavy number 4 grass, NEW YORK MINUTE and DEALS IN HEELS hit the line together after completing 1200 with the 1000 in 1:06.9, the last 600 in 40.7.

TOMELILLA came to the end of 1000 in a comfortable 1:10.7, finishing off in 42.3. The trio who completed the trifecta in last months Woburn Farm Tauranga Classic are entered for this weekend’s Powerworx Opunake Cup.

ZACADA galloped freely from the 1000 in 1:06.2.

Working on the number 2 grass with the markers out 16m, BEAU JEU and PEARLESCENCE galloped well together from the 1000, though no time could be taken, both horses look at peak fitness.

Convincing last start winner, CYBER ATTACK was clocked the last 400 of work in 28.1. Stable mate PINK GRAFFITI followed in similar fashion.

GENERAL SHERMAN and ANARCHY came in from the 600 in 41.6.

NOT USUAL PRINCE and GRAND RIO were sent 1000. ARTISTE and ELLE EYE ARE were travelling sweetly at the completion of their 1000.

THE HEIRESS, MISS FREELOVE and THE FINAL FLING left 1200 behind in 1:24. LOVE ME TENDER and MEXICAN TYCOON ran 800 in 55.3.

SOUND THE SIREN was let off with a 3/4 pace 1000. MANHATTAN FLAME was given a similar task.

ROC DE BANK came to the end of 1000 in 1:10.7. AMBITIOUS WINNER returned 1:10.8 for 1000.

CARSON RIVER was timed over 1000 in 1:15. ROBUSTO and NAILED IT ran their last 400 in 27.9.

SOCIALLY EXCITED, TRIPLE DIAMOND and SMILING PROUD worked in from the 600 in 41.3.

Track Work 12 July 2018

No Track Work Available today.

Track Work 10 July 2018

Stable mates LONGCHAMP, RENE and COSSASTOCK galloped well together on a very quiet morning at Cambridge this morning due to no local meeting this weekend.

Galloping on a slow number two grass with the markers out 16m, LONGCHAMP, RENE and COSSASTOCK hit the line together after 1000 run in 1:06.6, sprinting the final 600 in 38.1.

PACORUS, who races at Trentham this weekend, looked in good order when leaving 1400 behind in 1:39, the final 600 in 39.1.

OUR KATY CRUZ did well from the 600 in 37.9. MANHATTAN FLAME was timed from the 600 in 39.3.

CLOSE UP was given an easy 1000 in 1:15, finishing off in 44.8. BLUE LAGOON came in nicely from the 1000 in 1:08.1, sprinting the concluding section in 37.8.

PINK GRAFFITI was another to work well from the 1000 in 1:08.8, finishing off in 38.1. ROCKY was timed over 800 in 54.2.

Track Work 10 July 2018

Due to technical issues, today’s Track Work will be posted tomorrow.

Track Work 5 July 2018

GENERAL SHERMAN looks ready to complete a brace of wins after returning excellent work at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping 12m out on a slow number two grass, GENERAL SHERMAN had the better of stable mate TYPICAL at the completion of a solid 1000 in 1:05.8, sprinting the final 600 in 36.7. He is due to race at Awapuni this weekend.

MISS FREELOVE looked fit for the Waikato Racing Club’s meeting at Te Rapa this Saturday when leaving 1000 behind, alongside INDIGENOUS UNION in 1:06.3, the last 600 in 37.2.

ROC DE BANK and PACORUS came in from the 1000 in 1:07.2 and 38.2.

WOODEN EDGE followed with similar work. VAN DIAMOND was comfortable throughout 1000 in 1:09.3, coming home in 39.7.

JET CHARGED and SOUND THE SIREN sprinted 400 together in 26.1. CARSON RIVER was given an easy 600 in 42.1.

LOWPROFILE was timed over 600 in 41.4. ENGLISH GAMBLER impressed when dashing his final 600 in 35.8.

OUR KATY CRUZ and LAMBRASSO were clocked over 1000 in 1:09.2 and 38.6. Galloping on the sand, RODRICO did his Te Rapa chances no harm when coming to the end of 1200 in 1:23.7, the last 600 in 41.1.

Last start winner LADY LIRA was timed from the 800 in 54. PEARLESCENCE left 1000 behind in 1:10.8 and 41.4.

ELLE EYE ARE followed in 1:12 and 40.7. ARTISTE completed 1000 in 1:09.8 and 41.

AMBITIOUS WINNER came in from the 600 in 41.9. SOCIALLY EXCITED and CRAFTY JESS matched strides from the 1000 in 1:11 and 41.4. NAILED IT left 1200 behind in 1:26, the 600 in 49. BREAK MY STRIDE sprinted 600 in 41.3.

Best Bet: Race 6 | Evans Henderson and Woodbridge, Barristers & Solicitors Handicap at the Marton Jockey Club’s Meeting at Awapuni – GENERAL SHERMAN.

Track Work Tuesday 3 July 2018

No track work available today.

Track Work 28 June 2018

MONARCH CHIMES looked at peak fitness for Saturday’s Te Whangai Romneys Hawke’s Bay Hurdle when completing his preparation at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping on a slow number four grass, MONARCH CHIMES, who has been working well since returning from a successful Australian campaign, was full of running throughout his gallop, sprinting his final 600 in 38.1.

Top class gallopers, BONNEVAL and JON SNOW, showed they are both coming to hand well with nice separate gallops over 600. BONNEVAL was first out and clocked in 41.7, all going well. She will trial in early August.

JON SNOW sprinted his 600 in 38.7. Galloping 14m out on a slow number two grass, MERLINI, one of several Pike stable runners heading to Ruakaka this weekend, was in excellent form alongside CYBER ATTACK from the 1000 in 1:04.3 and 36.6.

PINK GRAFFITI looks set to finally exit Maiden ranks this weekend when cutting out 600 in 39.6. MAGICAL BEAUTY was clocked from the 600 in 37.5.

MORWEKA left 1000 behind in 1:07.9, finishing off in 38.7. GENERAL SHERMAN and TIPICAL were paired over an impressive 1000 in 1:05, sprinting the 600 in 35.8.

NOT USUAL PRINCE ran 1200 in 1:26.3, coming home in 39.4. REPLICA worked in from the 600 in 38.9.

HENLEY ROAD kept up a strong clip from the 1000 in 1:04.8 and 37.6. ITSABELTA and EXCELSIOR ISLAND were timed over 1200 in 1:26.2 and 37.4.

ALVINS DREAM impressed when dashing the last 600 of 1000 in 36.4. SENASSY came in from the 600 in 39.6.

RUBIRA was timed from the 600 in 39. FRANCALETTA was given a comfortable 600 in 41.5.

Track Tip: Race 3 – Te Whangai Romneys Hawke’s Bay Hurdle – MONARCH CHIMES.

Track Work 26 June 2018

With no local meeting this Saturday very few gallops took place at Cambridge today.

Working 17m out on a heavy No 2 grass PEARLESCENCE appeared comfortable in the loose conditions, when completing 1000m in 1:10.2 the final 600m in 40.2.

MOFARA came to the end of an easy 1200m, clocked in 1:25.4 and 41.9. Stable mate CRAFTYAFFAIR followed in 1:26.6, finishing off in 42.1.

NOT USUAL PRINCE was timed over 1000m in 1:9.4, the final section in 40.1. THE FINAL FLING and CRAFTYEVA were together throughout 1000m, run in 1:10.2, with the 600m cut out in 40.9.

HENLEY ROAD came in from the 600m in 41.8. DECADES and a SWISS ACE gelding from the Margaret Falconer stable ran 800m in 55, the last 600m in 39.8.

CLARA ran her last 600m of work in 42.1. MAGICAL BEAUTY was timed over 800m in 54. MERLINI worked in from the 600m in 44.2.

Working on the No 4 grass MONARCH CHIMES looked fit and ready for the Te Whangai Romneys Hawke’s Bay Hurdles when running the last 1000m of 1600 in 1:9.3 and 41.2.

Track Work 21 June 2018

The three Baker/Forsman mares, NEW YORK MINUTE, TOMELILLA and DEALS IN HEELS, entered for Saturday’s Woburn Farm Tauranga Classic completed their preparation in good style this morning.

Working on the outside of a slow No 4 grass NEW YORK MINUTE shaded TOMELILLA at the finish of 1200m, the final 1000m run in 1:7.2, sprinting in from the 600m in 38.3.

DEALS IN HEELS followed in 1:7.4 and 38.2. All three will be competitive in the small but talented field but NEW YORK MINUTE is my preference.

Galloping on The No 2 grass, with the markers out 16m, RODRICO, who is due to run in the Orora Kiwi Packaging Kiwifruit Cup at Gate Pa, followed excellent Tuesday work with another nice 1000m in 1:8.2, finishing off in 39.

Race rival and last year’s winner PACORUS looked at peak fitness when sent a comfortable 1400m in 1:38.5, the 1000m in 1:8.8 and the final 600m in 39.4.

RENE and PADRAIG did their Tauranga chances no harm when timed from the 1000m in 1:6.5, sprinting the 600m in a smart 36.7.

TRUDEAU and SOCIALLY EXCITED left 1000m behind in 1:5.7 and 38.

NAILED IT had the measure of GRAND RIO at the completion of 1200m, run in 1:22.2, with the final 600m timed in 38.9.

MERLINI was travelling strongly at the line when clocked an impressive 600m in 36.1.

Track pick – Race 7 at Tauranga – Woburn Farm Tauranga Classic – NEW YORK MINUTE. Huge fresh up win. Can go again.