Track Work 21 May 2019

NEW YORK MINUTE and POWER O’HATA returned encouraging work this morning.

Galloping on the No2 grass with the markers out 10m, NEW YORK MINUTE and POWER O’HATA kept up a strong pace from the 1200m clocked in 1:15.4, sprinting the final 600m in 36. Both were full of running at the line.

NEW YORK MINUTE is due to return to racing in the open 1200m at Trentham in 3 weeks, a race she won fresh last year.

Last start winner RED BEACH did well from the 1000m in 1:5.3, finishing off in 36.6.

MERLINI came to the end of 1000m in 1:8.2 and 37.1. KING’S CROSS left 1200m behind in a comfortable 1:26 increasing pace over the last 600m in 38.2. MOCCASIN and JUST TREASURE worked well over a smart 1200m in 1:15, sprinting the 600m in 36.2.

ROCANTO was sent 1000m in 1:5.1, home in 37. He looks well for immediate racing.

BATTLE TIME came in from the 1000m in 1:9 and 38.2. SNITZ OF TIME cut out 1000m in 1:8.2 and 37.8. SIZZLING impressed over 1000m in 1:3, dashing the last 600m in 36.2.

RAGE IN THE CASTLE and PERSISTENCE were another pair to impress when matching strides from the 1000m, finishing off in 38.

INSCRIPTION ran the last 600m of 1200m in 36.8. BEVAN STREET worked over 1000m in 1:7.3 and 37.9. O’HE CAN was timed from the 800m in 53.5.

LUCKY TONIGHT worked over one round completing the last 1200m in 1:28 and the 600m in 43.1.

Track Work 16 May 2019

QIJI EXPRESS sounded a warning to his Te Rapa rivals with excellent final work at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping on a dead/slow Number 2 grass with the markers out 12m, QIJI EXPRESS, who races well on the Te Rapa track, edged ahead of stable mate KONSTANTINA after 1000 run in 1:04, dashing the final 600 in 35.6.

PITCH AND SWITCH looked fit for Te Rapa when sent an easy 600 in 41.9. WOODEN EDGE who starts a new campaign at Waikato this weekend came to the end of 1000 in 1:02.9, sprinting the 600 in 36.3.

Track specialist ROC DE BANK was another to impress over 1000 in 1:03 and 36.4.

CYBER ATTACK left 1000 behind in 1:06 and 38.3. GO NICHOLAS was clocked from the 600 in 38.

POP STAR PRINCESS was timed over a comfortable 1000 in 1:10 and 40.7. COPPER MINE came in from the 600 in 38.3.

VAN DIAMOND worked over 1000, the last 600 in 39. LUEN YAT MIRACLE ran the last 600 of 1000 in 39.6.

MERLINI left 600 behind in 38.1. BOLT FROM THE BLUE returned 39.7 for 600.

INDAH and ELLE EYE ARE were together after 1200 run in 1:19, home in 37.6. GRAND RIO and CRAFTY JESS worked well together from the 1000 in 1:04.8 and 38.

IGNORED should again prove hard to beat this weekend after nice work alongside ELEANOR RIGBY from the 1000, the last 600 clocked in 37.6.

Track Tip: Waikato Racing Club | Saturday 18 May | Race 4 Wealleans 1200 | QIJI EXPRESS.

Track Work 14 May 2019

SECRET EXCELSIOR, who races at Otaki this Thursday, looked ready to produce winning form after impressing in final work at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping 20m out on a dead/slow number 2 grass, SECRET EXCELSIOR kept up a strong pace from the 800, sprinting the final 600 in 36.4. Last start winner RED BEACH looks to have derived benefit from the outing with excellent work over 1200, completing the 1000 in 1:04.5 with the last 600 cut out in 37.1.

MENTAL TELEPATHY travelled sweetly throughout 1200, being clocked the last 1000 in 1:05, the 600 in 36.8.

LOTHBROK came to the end of 1200 in 1:20.9, finishing off in 38.7. NEW YORK MINUTE, who is coming to hand well, left 1200 behind in 1:18.6 and 37.3.

GO NICHOLAS did well from the 1200 in 1:19.2 and 37.9. PITCH AND SWITCH looked bright for weekend racing when kept under a strong hold from the 600 in 56.1. ANIMATOR followed with similar work.

INSCRIPTION was timed from the 1200 in 1:22 and 39. BEAUTY STAR and SHERWOOD FOREST impressed from the 800 in 50.5.

SWISS ACE|CONTRADA and HONFLEUR matched strides from the 800 in 53.1. BOUNDTOBEHONORED was timed from the 600 in 38.4.

UNIDENTIFIED was clocked over 600 in 41. WOODEN EDGE shaded ROC DE BANK at the finish of an impressive 1000 in 1:03.5, home in 37.2.

LUEN YAT MIRACLE and VAN DIAMOND came in from the 600 in 39. IGNORED, SAVASTEP and ELEANOR RIGBY completed 1000 in 1:05.1, finishing off in 38.7.

ELLE EYE ARE and HINERANGI were sent 1200, the 1000 in 1:06, the 600 in 38.8. LINCOLN KING strode comfortably over 1600, the last 600 timed in 43.7.

POWER DREAM worked in from the 600 in 39.9. MASTER PARK ran the last 600 of 1200 in 41.1.

Galloping on the sand HYPNOS came to the end of 1000 in 1:06.9, home in 38.3. DREAM ON ran 1200 in 1:21 and 39.6. ZEALAND followed in 1:25 and 39.8.

INDAH and CHARLI ROSE came in from the 600 in 40. KONSTANTINA and MAMBA worked in from the 600 in 41.

SNOW DEEL and STAR ELLIPSE returned 41.1 from the 600. AMBITIOUS WINNER cut out 1000 in 1:09.7 and 40.8.

MIKE’S MISTAKE and FINN McCALL ran a comfortable 600 in 45. GLORIOUS MISSILE ran 600 in 42.

Track Work 9 May 2019

TOMELILLA and KANDARI looked fit for their Rotorua assignments when producing nice lead up work on the plough this morning.

TOMELILLA shaded KANDARI at the completion of 1200, the last 1000 in 1:05 and the final 600 in 38.1. TOMELILLA, who is a course and distance winner at Arawa Park, looks close to peak fitness and should be hard to beat, especially if the track deteriorates.

Last start winner KANDARI should also prove competitive. New Plymouth bound RIPPIN impressed alongside stablemates, THE HEIRESS and ARTISTE from the 1000 in 1:04.8, the last 600 in 37.7.

ZACADA enhanced his Campbell Infrastructure Rotorua Cup chances when maintaining a solid gallop from the 1600 in 1:40.4, finishing off in 37. Race rival HIGHLAD was another to catch the eye when cruising 1400 with NORDIC in 1:40.8, the final 600 in 40.3.

DAM RELIABLE produced his consistent good work when clocked from the 1000 in 1:03.2, dashing the 600 in 35.8.

BOBBY DEE was given a comfortable 600 in 39. RHAEGAR, BIRDSONG and DEEP WATER were on terms from the 1000, being clocked from the 600 in 41.9.

POWER O’HATA and PEACEFUL came in nicely from the 1200 in 1:24 and 39. CHARLESTON GIRL and THOMAS AQUINAS matched strides from the 1000 in 1:06.9 and 39.4.

SOCIALLY EXCITED looked fit for New Plymouth when working in from the 1000 in 1:07.8 and home in 38.6. LADYNADEL reeled off 1200 in 1:24.1, the 600 in 38.4.

POP STAR PRINCESS worked quietly prior to sprinting up the straight. Working on the sand, MASU ran 1200 at 3/4 pace, timed from the 600 in 45.

RED SENNA was clocked over 600 in 43. HANGER worked in nicely from the 1200 in 1:16.8 and 37.6.

HYPNOS was sent 1400 in 1:36.2, the concluding 600 in 38. ST ANDRE was clocked over 600 in 41. DEEP BEAUTY and PRIVATE LINE came to the end of 1000 in 1:06.8, the 600 in 38.5.

Track Tip: Racing Rotorua Saturday 11 May | Race 5 | Campbell Infrastructure Rotorua Cup | ZACADA.

Track Work 2 May 2019

No Track Work Available Today.

Track Work 30 April 2019

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Track Work 25 April 2019

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Track Work 18 April 2019

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Track Work 16 April 2019

NORDIC and NOT USUAL JUNE were the only gallop to stop the clock under 36 for their final 600m at Cambridge on 16 April.

Working on a good grass, the Baker/Forsman pair were sent 1200m run in 1:20.3, dashing the final 600m in 35.9. Both in peak condition for up-coming engagements.

TIGHTLIGN, from the in-form Stephen Marsh stable, looked fit when not fully extended over 1200m in 1:23.5, reeling off the last 600m in 39.3.

TOMELILLA and HINERANGI travelled nicely together from the 1200m in 1:20.3, sprinting the final 600m in 37. CHECKERS and HIGHLAD were another pair to impress when hitting the line together after 1200m, timed in 1:20.4, running the 600m in 36.2.

SPRING DELIGHT and IGNORED matched strides over 1400m in 1:33.4, finishing off in 36.8.

BELLA PRONTO left 1200m behind in 1:22, with the concluding 600m in 39.

KONSTANTINA and TRIPLE DIAMOND were on terms throughout 1000m in 1:7.4, finishing in 37.1.

BOBBY DEE, LORD ARTHUR and VEE CECE maintained a good clip from the 1400m, coming in from the 600m in 36.4.

GRAND RIO and RUBIRA left 1200m behind in 1:19.5, the 600m in 36.7. KING’S CROSS was not after time when completing 1200m in 1.24 and home in 39.9.

Working on the sand SAVAPAKI was timed over 600m in 40.

Impressive last start winner RUSAVY was in good form when completing 1000m in 1.8.1, finishing the last 600m in 38.

ROC DE BANK followed in 1:10.2 and 38.3, and PACORUS showed he is coming to hand well with a nice 1000m in 1:8.2, coming home in 37.9.

Track Work 11 April 2019

CARIBBEAN ROSE looks a great chance in the Skycity Hamilton 1600 at Te Rapa this weekend. Working over 1000 on the plough, she was sent 1000 and clocked 1.08, cruising through the line hard held in 39.3. She’s drawn beautifully and has Matt Cameron aboard and should be highly competitive.

Stablemate PINEAPPLE LUMP followed, and will be a race rival on Sunday, going 1.12, 38.5. He also looks well meaning, the Baker/Forsman team have a strong hand in the race.

A third stablemate, KRAKADEEL, will be making it three runners for the team in the race. He worked over 1000 also clocking 1.06, 39.3.

MARK TWO looks ready to resume and although short of his best and a run or two needed to really bring him on, produced a nice bit of steady work this morning. Over 1000 he went 1.11, 42.1.

Stablemate TIGHTLIGN followed also in a steady 1.14, 44.8.

Talented RIP EM UP went on the sand when clocked over 1000 in 1.13, 43.2. Manners will be the key once again but looks very well and has always shown ability.

POWER O’HATA strikes a tough field on Saturday but at her best wouldn’t be out of it. She went three quarter pace for 800 when going 59.4, 43.8.

Class mares TOMELILLA and HINERANGI, who both had little luck in their recent races, went together over 1200 in 1.21, home on 38.5. Both will produce big efforts next time to the races.

RED BEACH, who will hope the forecasted rain has a part to play considering her wide draw, produced one of the quickest gallops of the session went working over 1000 in 1.05, home in 37.1.

NORDIC and LORD ARTHUR went 1200, last 600 clocked in 40.1, both improving all the time. LORD ARTHUR went a great race in the Manawatu Classic from a wide draw.

AMBITIOUS WINNER went 1200 in 1.23, 41.2. He’s third up and draws well so look for an improved performance.

Exciting times ahead for three year old HYPNOS, he went his 1000 in 1.08, 38.8.

Group 1 winner NICOLETTA strutted her stuff over 1000 in 1.08, 39.3. HIGHLAD followed in 1.09, 41.2. Hugely promising SIMPLY OPTIMISTIC looked a treat when casually strolling 800 in 55.3.

Others to work an times were;

GEHRIG 1600 – 1.52, 600- 42.3 | CLADDAGH 1400 – 1.35, 600- 39.1 | MONGOLIAN HEAVEN, CHEQUERS, ON THE BALL 800 – 54, 600- 39.2 | QIJI EXPRESS 800 – 55.1 | LOVE STRUCK 800 – 56 | AMIL ROSE 600 – 45.1 | FIGURE ME OUT 1200 – 1.23, 600- 38.6 | IN FASHION 1400 – 1.36, 600-39.9 | PACORUS 1000 – 1.10, 600- 37.5 | ROC DA BANK 1000 – 1.08, 600- 37.8 | WOODEN EDGE 800 – 58.1 | RUSAVY 1000 – 1.08, 600 – 39.1 | MR INCREDIBULL 800 – 54, 600- 37.1.

Best bet, Sky City Hamilton 1600 at Te Rapa on Sunday | CARIBBEAN ROSE