Auckland TBA show support for Vance

Auckland Thoroughbred Breeders’ branch president Mark Chitty presenting Maija Vance with a cheque to assist her with her rehabilitation. (Photo: NZTBA)

This week injured jockey Maija Vance and her faithful dog Toro visited Haunui Farm, where the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association presented her with a cheque for just over $7800.

The Cambridge jockey suffered extensive injuries after a fall at Rotorua on September 16.

Two of her vertebrae in her spine were fractured with another three out of line and she underwent a four-hour operation to have rods and a metal plate inserted.

She also suffered two punctured lungs, several broken ribs, facial injuries including six broken teeth, and she almost bit her tongue off during the smash.

“I have some feeling in my right leg, but at this stage none in my left,” Vance said.

“I can stand and walk with the (walking) frame, but my brain has to tell my left leg what to do. That’s why it is braced so it stays upright.

“I am making good progress and our house is now all set up with ramps and things to cope with the wheelchair.”

Vance said she uses the wheelchair if she is going to the shopping mall or longer distances, but prefers the walker, however this week she is undergoing further surgery and will be wheelchair-bound for the following four weeks.

The Auckland branch of the NZTBA, along with Head Office and Dunstan Nutrition, contributed to the fund to help with Vance’s rehabilitation.