Track Work 29 October 2020

No Track Work Available Today.

Track Work 27 October 2020

LUBAYA caught the eye with nice work on the plough.

LUBAYA returned the fastest sectional of the morning when completing 1200m in 1:20.1, sprinting the final 600m in 36.5.  She ran a much improved third last start and should regain winning form at short notice.

Impressive fresh up winner STAR TSAR and SPRING DELIGHT worked well over 1200m in 1:21.7, dashing the last 600m in 36.8.

LONDON BANKER, from the in-form James/Wellwood stable, looked fit when timed over 1000m in 1:6.9, the 600m in 38.7.  Stable-mate SHERRIF was another in good form from the 1000m in 1:7.1 and 39.4.

HOT PINX and RIP VAN WINKLE/OVER THE RHONE left 600m behind in 39.7.  VEE CECE came in from the 1000m in 1:7.1 and 37.5. VALVERDE and CONTRADEAL matched strides from the 1200m in 1:23.1, home in 37.8.

SHE’S A LADY was timed from the 600m in 37.9.  CRAFTY JESS came to the end of 1200m in 1:23.5 and 37.2.

PUNCHLINE was not extended when running 600m in 44.  EVEN CHANCE was sent 800m at three quarter pace, quickening in from the 600m in 41.1.

LIONIZE and FIGHTING FIRE cut out 600m in 40.9.  RIP EM UP cut out 1000m in 1:8.4 and 40.6.

RHAEGAR galloped nicely from the 1000m in 1:7.5, running the concluding 600m in 39.

DENISE’S JOY and BENDER MARY were clocked 600m in 41.4.  BEVAN STREET looked fit when completing 1000m in 1:8.1, home in 39.1.

STARRYBEEL was sent 1200m in 1:24.2, coming home in 38.3. DARCI PALMER ran 600m in 41.1.

SHE’S APPLES strode 1000m in 1:9.4 and 49.6.

RIP VAN WINKLE|CASUAL FLING and DYONISIS worked well together over 1000m in 1:5.9, the final 600m in 37.1. SPLASH OF RED left the 1000m behind in 1.6 and 38.9.  ALAMODE was given a comfortable task over 1000m in 1:15.2, home in 44.2.

RAGGEDY DOLL followed with similar work.  LOOSE CANNON ran 600m in 42.

CABRELSEA and KASHFLO returned 1:24.7 and 38.8 for 1200m.  PRINCE OF NAVARRE and SLEEPY JEAN cut 600m out in 39.2.

SHOWBEEL came in 600m in 38.9.  CAMPARI left 600m behind in 40.

BANKERS CHOICE ran 600m in 38.6 CIAMBELLA and CLIQUE matched strides over 600m in 39.9.


Track Work 22 October 2020

Convincing last start winner NOT AN OPTION, looked in excellent order when rounding off his preparation for Saturday’s Sarten Memorial.

Working on the No. 4 grass (slow) NOT AN OPTION was not after time over 1000m, striding the distance in 1:14.9, the final 600m in 43.8.  His Tuesday work was impressive and although he has to contend with an outside draw, he will be hard to beat.

OSAKA was another Te Rapa candidate, looking at peak fitness when leaving the 600m behind in 41.7.

SWEET ANNA and BONITA AURELIA matched strides from the 1000m in 1:9.2, finishing off in 39.7. TRUE ENOUGH, who failed to fire fresh up, returned the best gallop of the morning with UNITION over 1000m in 1:7.6, sprinting home in 38.5.

UNITION heads to Riccarton this weekend and should perform well.  PUYSEGUR, who will join UNITION for the trip south, was given a comfortable 600m in 42.1.

WALKIN’ BY was not tested over 600m in 40.9.  VERNANME came to the end of 1000m in 1:14.5 and 44.

Galloping on the sand, ROBUSTO left 1400m behind in 1.40, home in 42.1.  ALL BLACK BOURBON returned 41 for 600m.  FELAAR ran his last 600m in 42.7.

LINCOLN KING came in from the 600m in 41.9.  SHE’S APPLES was clocked 600m in 43.1.

MADAM HASS looked fit, running 600m in 40.1.  AMAL ROSE did similar work.  CONCERT HALL was in good form over 1400m, the final 600m in 39.9.

DEEP BEAUTY and MONLULA ran 1400m in 1.37 and 37.4.  SPLASH OF RED worked over 1200m in 1:24.4 and 40.  PLUCKY MISS returned 1.25 and 40.3 for 1200m.

Best from track | Te Rapa | Saturday | Race 8 at 4.43 pm | JF Grylls Memorial Classic | OSAKA

Track Work 20 October 2020

LOIRE, GALLARDO, SWEET ANNA and BONITA AURELIA were among several good gallops this morning.

Working on a dead No.4 grass, LOIRE edged ahead of GALLARDO at the completion of 1000m in a smart 1:4.7, sprinting the final 600m in 36.9.

SWEET ANNA and BONITA AURELIA matched strides from the 1200m in 1:22.1, the last 600m in 38.1.  Both were full of running through the line.

Impressive last start winner NOT AN OPTION and PUYSEGUR were in good form from the 1200m, clocked in 1:20.7, dashing the last 600m in 37.

LOOSE CANNON, who has been returning nice work over recent weeks, had LOCOMOTION for a companion from the 800m in 52.6, home in 38.4.  CONCERT HALL looked fit, coming in from the 1200m in 1:23.9 and 39.

AMAL ROSE left 1200m behind in 1:23.1, the concluding 600m in 39.8.  OSAKA was not pushed but looked at peak fitness, running 1200m in 1:23.8, finishing off in 40.3.

VERNANME came to the end of 1000m in 1.9 and 39.3.  BOURBONAIRE and ALL BLACK BOURBON were timed the last 1000m in 1.9.5 and 40.

ATISHU and ASPIRING worked well together over 1000m in 1.8.4 and 39.1.  YATIMA ran 1200m in 1.21.3, home in 38.3.

TELLALL and FOUR QUEENS cut out 1000m in 1:10.5, home in 40.  MADAM HASS caught the eye with excellent work over 1000m in 1:6.3, sprinting the 600m in 36.6.

CAMPARI followed with an easy 1000m in 1:10.5 and 40.1.  UNITION and ENJOY THE SHOW matched motors from the 1200m in 1:20.8 and 37.8.  ROBUSTO left 1200m behind in 1:20.4, home in 38.5.

SHE’S APPLES did well from the 1000m in 1.7, the concluding 600m in 38.5.  FELAAR came in from 1200m in 1.22 and 39.3.

ISOLA SACRA and GLOBAL CURRENCY cut out 1200m in 1:23.9 and 39.4.  NOMOATHAJ impressed over 1000m in 1.5, home in 38.

CRAFTY JESS and RHAEGAR were another pair to work well over 1200m in 1.20, sprinting home in 37.4.  LINCOLN KING was given an easy 1000m in 1:12.6 and 41.5.  RAPOSA RAPIDA followed with similar work.

Working on the grass (dead), RUIZ maintained a strong pace from the 1000m in 1.3.4, dashing the 600m in 35.6.  FLASH WARRIOR and TIVAAN WARRIOR ran a fast 1000m in 1:3.9 and 35.7.

CURIOUS GEORGE and UNACCEPTABLE came in from the 1000m in 1.6, home in 36.5.  HEROIC WARRIOR and CHEROKEE WARRIOR did well over 1000m in 1:5.9, sprinting the 600m in 37.2.

Track Work 15 October 2020

CHEVAL PROMETTEUR looked set to return to winning form this weekend with excellent work on the No.4 grass.

Galloping near the outside of a dead track, CHEVAL PROMETTEUR sprinted 600m in 37.1. He worked through the line strongly.

VIKING followed nice Tuesday work with another encouraging gallop over 800m, completing the last 600m in 38.2.  He has drawn the inside gate this weekend and should race well.

MAKZABEEL came in from the 600m in 39.  CYBER ATTACK rounded off 800m with the final 600m in 39.2.

TRUE ENOUGH, who begins his new campaign at Hastings this Saturday, was given an easy 1000m in 1.14, finishing off in 41.9.

LUBAYA came to the end of 1000m in 1:9.4 and 39.1.  HARBOURSIDE, another Hastings bound local, ran in easily from the 600m in 45.1.

TUPPENCE and LA CASA were sent 1400m, the last 1200m in 1.27.3 and the final 600m in 41.2. Both were under nice holds throughout.

UNITION looks to have derived much benefit from his fresh up run at Matamata. He worked 1000m in 1.8, sprinting home in 38.2.

BONITA AURELIA and SWEET ANNA finished on terms at the completion of 1000m in 1.10 and 40.3.  CONCERT HALL was in good form over 1200m in 1:22.3, home in 38.5.

Working on the No. 2 grass, NOMOATHAJ impressed when sprinting 600m in 36.4.   CHEEKY BEE followed in 37.3.

JUST TREASURE returned the fastest gallop of the morning when sent 1000m in 1:3.1, dashing home in 35.2.

Best Bet | Ellerslie | Race 2 | 12.35 pm | JARDEN 2100 | STAR TSAR.  Will be hard to beat first time over ground.

Track Work 13 October 2020

Upset last start winner LORD SIBFORD and stable-mate STAR TSAR returned nice work on the plough.

Preparing for weekend racing, the Baker/Forsman pair were sent 1400m, run in 1:36.1, sprinting the final 600m in 38.2.

ENDLESS DRAMA maintained a good pace from the 800m, the concluding 600m in 37.5.

VIKING caught the eye when sent 1000m, completing the last 600m in 38.2.  DIONYSUS looked fit when coming in from the 1000m in 1:8.3 and 40.  ENJOY THE SHOW and PRINCESS ORIGAMI came to the end of 1200m in a comfortable 1.29, finishing off in 39.6.

MAKZABEEL and LA CASA were in good form over 1000m in 1:7.6, home in 38.8. TRUE ENOUGH, who begins a fresh campaign this Saturday, was not pushed when timed 1000m in 1:10.4 and 40.

FINN McCOOL worked in from the 600m in 42.  STARRYBEEL ran the last 600m of 900m in 42.7.

DIAMOND and POWERFUL MOSS left 1000m behind in 1:13.1 and 42.  SPRING DELIGHT, DARCEE QUE and SHOWBEEL did well over 1000m in 1:5.5, sprinting home in 37.5.

OUR MODENA was clocked 600m in 41.1, VEE CECE followed in 38.9.

LOOSE CANNON could be one for odds this weekend after impressive work, coming in the final 600m in 39.7.

AMASECOYA was sent 800m, the 600m in 42.  CAMPARI ran the final 600m of 1200m in 41.3.

PRETTY TO SEA ran 800m in 54.9.  TABATA was timed from the 600m in 42.8.

SACROSANCT completed 1200m in 1:27.3 and 41.6.  AMERICAN PRINCESS and SHEZDELICIOUS cut out 600m in 38.

Working on the No.4 grass (slow) CHEVAL PROMETTEUR was again in outstanding form over 1000m in 1:3.6, dashing the 600m in 36.1.

On the No.2 grass VICTORY GLORY came in from the 600m on 38.

Track Work 8 October 2020

MADAM HASS and UNITION were the pick of the weekend runners this morning.

Galloping on the plough, MADAM HASS looked ready to produce a bold fresh run when maintaining a solid pace over 1000m in 1:2.9, dashing the last 600m in 36.1. She is entered in the Comag Ltd 1200, Race 5 at 2.42 pm at Matamata.

UNITION was not after time, but looks in great shape for Matamata.  He completed 1000m under a firm hold in 1:10.4, with the last 600m in 40.9.

LADY LIRA returned 38.4 for 600m.  She will run her usual honest race at Matamata.

LUBAYA was in good form over 1200m, run in 1:24.1, sprinting home in 38.6.  She was inconvenienced by heavy ground last start.  With improved conditions at Matamata, she should race well.

ONEROA came in nicely from the 1000m in 1:6.4 and 38.1.  TRUE ENOUGH strode 1000m in 1:11.6 and 41.

SWEET ANNA and BONITA AURELIA were together at the completion of 1000m in 1:4.3, dashing the 600m in 36.4.

PLUCKY MISS ran 1000m in 1:5.7, home in 37.6.  FERINDI was timed 600m in 38.5.

AMAL ROSE was in good form over 1000m in 1:4.5 and 37.3.  FELAAR was given an easy 1200m in 1:25.8 and 40.5.  HEART OF THE OCEAN was clocked 600m in 42.5.

FIVE SCHILLINGS followed in 43.1.  LINCOLN KING ran the last 600m of 1000m in 43.  KASHFLO and SHENANIGANS cut out 800m in 52.1.

DUNTAYAR came to the end of 600m in 43.3.  LALA LAND and BECAUSE left 1400m behind in 1:36.4, the concluding 600m in 39.2.

On the No.4 grass DAWN PATROL sprinted 600m in 36.2.

Best from track | Matamata RC | Race 2 | 12.57 pm | Fairview Motors Matamata 1400 | UNITION

Track Work 6 October 2020

AMAL ROSE attracted attention with a nice solo hit out this morning.

Galloping on the plough, AMAL ROSE was travelling strongly through the line, after running 1000m in 1:7.3, sprinting the last 600m in 37.2. She was very unlucky fresh up and will be hard to beat next up.

PACKING ROCKSTAR and SWORD OF FIRE maintained a strong gallop from the 1000m in 1.2, the concluding 600m in 37.5.

Recently gelded, UNITION and stablemate ENJOY THE SHOW, caught the eye with a sharp 600m in 36.8.

Last start winner RHAEGAR looked fit when timed his final 600 in 38.1.  NOT AN OPTION was travelling well at the completion of 600m in 38.5.

LOOSE CANNON and FIVE SCHILLINGS matched strides from the 1000m in 1:7.8, home in 38.4.

SHENANIGANS came to the end of 1000m in 1:8.4, finishing off in 40. MADAM HASS was sent 1400m, run in 1:34.3, home in 38.9.

ALAMODE worked in from the 600m in 41.  LORD SIBFORD, who won at huge odds last start, was in good form over 1000m in 1:6.7 and 39.1. KASHFLO strode 1000m in 1:11.2, quickening in from the 600m in 38.7.

FELAAR was timed the 600m in 38.8.  DIAMOND ran 800m in 52.  LUBAYA and SAVASTEP cut out 600m in 38.

DIONYSUS, ONE MORE TIME and RIP VAN WINKLE|CASUAL FLING completed 1000m in 1:8.7 and 38.2.

HEART OF THE OCEAN was under a hold from 600m in 41.4.  TABATA followed in 40.1.  LADY LIRA maintained a good clip over 1000m in 1:3.4, sprinting home in 36.8.

CONTRADEAL and POWERFUL MOSS came in from the 600m in 39.2.  PRINCE ALBERT, who is coming to hand nicely, strode 600m in 43.

PLUCKY MISS left 1000m behind in 1:8.9 and 38.2.  AGEY BABY and DUNHILL were paired over 800m.

HASSTOBEYOU ran an easy 600m in 46.  ACQUISITION and CHAKANA returned 41 for 600m.

MAGNUM did well from 800m in 51.8.

Track Work 1 October 2020

NOMOATHAJ, who will attempt a hat trick of wins at the Ellerslie meeting this Sunday, galloped well today.

Working on a slow No.4 grass NOMOATHAJ hit the line full of running, after completing 1000m in 1:5.7, sprinting the last 600m in 38.2.  She has shown form on all types of ground, and although she has drawn an outside alley, she should be competitive.

SUFFUSED and AEGON were paired over 1000m in 1:8.8, running the final 600m in 39.1. They are race rivals in Saturday’s Dundeel at Arrowfield Hawke’s Bay Guineas. Both are in excellent order but SUFFUSED has the advantage of an inside barrier draw, so is slightly favoured.

LUBAYA was another to gallop well from the 1000m in 1:8.4, finishing off in 38.9.  She has been returning nice work recently and looks a winning chance at Hastings.

Race rival RED BEACH came to the end of 1000m in an easy 1.12, the final 600m in 41.

TUPPENCE, who has had two trials to prepare for Hastings, was not after time over 1000m run in 1:13.4 and 43.1.  She showed she had ability last campaign and looks a nice each way chance.

LOTHBROK, entered for the maiden steeplechase at Ellerslie on Sunday, was sent one round, completing the last 1200m in 1.26, the 600 in 40.

GALLARDO ran 1000m in 1:7.8, home in 38.9.

DARCEE QUE was clocked 600m in 41.4.  MONLULA was kept under a nice hold from the 1000m in 1.11.3, coming home in 40.6.

ENDLESS DRAMA returned 1:9.3 and 39.6 for 1000m.

Best from track | Hawke’s Bay RI at Hastings | Saturday 3 October | Race 7 | 3.50 pm | Dundeel at Arrowfield Hawke’s Bay Guineas | SUFFUSED.

Track Work 30 September 2020

AEGON and SUFFUSED galloped well in attrocious conditions at Cambridge this morning, working on the No. 4 grass (heavy).

The stablemates, who are entered for Saturday’s Dundeel at Arrowfield Hawke’s Bay Guineas, matched strides from the 1000 metres in 1:11.3, completing the final 600 in 40.  AEGON, who was a most impressive debut winner, held a slight advantage at the finish.

BABYLON BERLIN had VITESSE BO for a companion over 1000 in 1.13, the final 600 in 42.4.  Both appeared to handle the conditions well.

MAKZABEEL and TUPPENCE were on terms throughout 1000, finishing off in 40.1.

LOOSE CANNON worked well in a solo gallop over 1,000 in 1.10, finishing off in 40.

ALL BLACK BOURBON and ATISHU left 1000 behind in 1:10.8, the 600 in 40.4.

STYLISH SUGGESTION and HETTY strode comfortably from the 1000 in 1:13.6, home in 43.

MONLULA was given a comfortable 1200, clocked in 1.29, the final 600 in 42.6.  SHERRIF followed in 1.27, the concluding 600 in 42.

ROBUSTO and MALIK worked well together from the 1000 in 19.6 and 41.4.

STAR TSAR and PEARLESENCE were on terms throughout 1200, clocked in 1.23, home in 41.6.

LUBAYA looked fit when completing 1000 in 1.10, the last 600 in 40.2.

DIVINE DIVE came in from the 600 in 41.  BRAHMA SUNSET was well held from the 1000, run in 1.12 and home in 42.  FERINDI was timed from the 600 in 42.9. MEGA BOURBON ran 600 in 43.1.

OSAKA was not after time from the 1000 metres in 1.15, coming home in 43.3.

JOLENE and NOZI CYCLONE were together throughout 1000 metres in 1:12.7, home in 42.4.

SHE’S APPLES ran 1000 in 1.16 and 45.1.  RED BEACH was clocked from the 600 in 41.3.

SNOWDEEL and SHE’S A LADY matched strides from the 1000 in 1.11, home in 41.9.  YATIMA was given a comfortable 1200 in 1:29.7, the final section in 42:9.

SHOWBEEL and CRAFTY JESS cut out 1200 in 1.27 and 40.8.

FIGHTING FIRE and DEELS DONE completed 1000 in 1:12.2, home in 40:4.