Major Godolphin support for CATWALK

Catriona Williams, the driving force behind CATWALK Trust.

Catriona Williams, the driving force behind the CATWALK Trust.

The CATWALK’s Trust quest to cure Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) has been boosted by a unique and generous gesture by Sheikh Mohammed’s Godolphin.

Godolphin has gifted a service to Brazen Beau, worth A$44,000, with all proceeds from the service at the Trust’s event in Queenstown next month to fund research projects.

“This is an amazingly generous gift and it demonstrates the very best co-operation,” said CATWALK founder Catriona Williams.

“Every single day someone in Australasia is affected by a life changing SCI – a tetraplegic in Australia represents a lifetime cost of $9.4 million dollars and for paraplegics its $5 million dollars.

“This is one race we can’t afford to lose and we can’t thank Sheikh Mohammed and Godolphin enough.”

–NZ Racing Desk