Track Work 10 December 2019

STROLLING VAGABOND, from the in-form Stephen Marsh barn, will be at peak fitness for this weekend’s Skycity Hamilton Waikato Cup, after an impressive gallop at Cambridge.

Working on a good No. 1 grass, STROLLING VAGABOND was full of running at the completion of 1200m, run in 1.21, the last 800m in 50.7, and the final 600m in 37.2.

MONGOLIAN MARSHAL and SHOWBEEL travelled well together from the 1200m in 1:19.1, sprinting the final 600m in 36.2. RED SKY AT NIGHT was another in excellent form when timed over 1000m in 1:4.3, home in 36.7.

PELOTON and TIBETAN were clocked the last 800m of smart work in 49.4. CAMPARI left 1200m behind at three quarter pace, quickening in from the 600m in 38.8.

HYPNOS sprinted the concluding 600m of 1000m in 37.3. PLUCKY MISS left 1400m behind in 1.38, finishing off in 39.1. SCORPZ looked in excellent order when timed from the 600m in 39.

INTRIGUE worked well over 1000m in 1:6.1 and 38.2. GRAND DE FLORA cut out the final 600m of work in 38.3. CHOCANTE completed the final 800m of 1000m in 53.2.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS and HINERANGI hit the line together at the end of a solid 1200m in 1:17.1 and 36.2. VIN DE DANCE set off comfortably from the 1200m, increasing pace from the 600m in 37.7.

On the No. 2 grass (good) NOT USUAL LITENING and KABU maintained a fast clip from the 1200m in an impressive 1.13, sprinting the 600m in 35.5.

CYBER ATTACK did well over 1000m in 1:2.1 and 35.2. SAHAR and VEE CECE ran 1000m in 1.4 and home in 36.2. KAIPAKI ROAD was not pushed when completing 1000m in 1:9.1 and 40.1.

RUSAVY cut out 1000m in 1:5.1, the 600m in a quick 35.4. RIP ‘N’ BURN followed in 1:5.8 and 37.

RAZ did well from the 600m in 35.7. MAGNUM and AIM SMART were together at the end of 800m, the last 600 in 39.

Other gallops timed over 1000m included PRETTY TO SEA and SAI FAH 1.5 and 37.5 | MOLTO VELOCE 1.9 and 39.1 | GLORIOUS OCEAN and MY WINE 1:6.8 and 38.2 | RIVER RUN 1:4.3 and 37.3 | NOT USUAL JUNE and DIAMONDS GALORE 1:5.1 and 37.5 | APELLIDO and DAM RELIABLE 1:5.4 and 37 | OSAKA 1:9.1 and 40.6 | WINKLEBELLE 1:5.6 and 37.3.

AMERICAN PRINCESS and RIVERFALLS were clocked 800m in 50.5. DARCEE QUE and SHOWBEEL came in from the 600m in 38.3. SAVASTEP and CARIBBEAN ROSE hit the finish of 800m together in 51.3.

ARTISTE and MONGOLIAN HEAVEN came to the end of 1400m in 1.33 and 36.8.