Track Work 13 October 2016

Rotorua candidates, MONGOLIANLIGHTNING and SHOT IN THE DARK, enhanced their winning chances with a solid work out at Cambridge this morning.

Galloping on a heavy number three grass, MONGOLIANLIGHTNING and SHOT IN THE DARK maintained a good clip from the 1000 in 1:06.6, sprinting the final 600 in 37.5.

SINGLE SHOT looked fit for Rotorua when working over 1400 in 1:38, the final 600 in 39.8.

JET CHARGED, who begins a new campaign at Rotorua this weekend, was in good form when completing an easy 800 in 55. He will have the benefit of a 3kg claim.

DANIECE left 1000 behind in 1:12, coming home in 42. THE MAGNATE and DOWNTON ABBEY matched strides from the 1000 in 1:08. The concluding 600 in 39.7.

TROJAN WARRIOR was clocked from the 600 in 39. REMI MARTINI came to the end of an easy 600 in 41.7.

HAPPINESS IS and NEALA were clocked from the 600 in 38.9. LIGNANI ran 600 in 43.3.

Galloping on the number 4 grass, Jakkalberry Classic entrants, MAYGROVE and ARZAK were on terms at the completion of 1000 in 1:10 and home in 40.

NOMISMA came to the end of 800 in 53.5. Working on the sand, SALTED CARAMEL strode a comfortable 800 in 55.7. VARO and OUR PINK DIAMOND were given a comfortable 800, the last 600 in 45.

Selections for the Rotorua Racing Club’s Meeting at Arawa Park on Saturday are:

Race 1: Volpe Veloce, Mongolianlightning, Irish Mist.
Race 2: Sleeping Beauty, Jet Charged, Salted Caramel.
Race 3: Seventh Up, Thee Auld Floozie, Battle Time.
Race 4: Preetha Varma, The Secret’s Out, Pacquiao.
Race 5: Maygrove, Celebrity Miss, Promises.
Race 6: Go Nicholas, Shot In The Dark, Aotearower.
Race 7: Underthemoonlight, Persuasive, Scapolo.
Race 8: Single Shot, Daniece, Stocktake.
Best Bet: Maygrove.