Track Work 19 February 2019

RONDINELLA, preparing for Saturday’s Kaimai Stakes at Matamata, was in outstanding form on the plough this morning.

Timed from the 1200m, RONDINELLA returned 1:17.8, sprinting the last 600m in 36.2. She was under a firm hold throughout her work. She is now at peak fitness and will be extremely tough to beat.

Stable mate HASSTOBEGOOD was no less impressive when finishing clear of CONCERT HALL from the 1000m, run in 1:3.1. However, CONCERT HALL started at the 1400m, picking up her stablemate at the 1000m. She ran the 1400m in 1:34.6.

VIN DE DANCE and RHINESTONE COWBOY were also in good form when finishing together after 1400m run in 1:32.5, dashing the final 600m in 36.7.

HANGER did well over 1000m in 1:5.6, sprinting home in 36.3. ZACADA, who is due to commence fresh up at Matamata this weekend, was keen from the 1400m, timed in 1:29, home in 37.2.

HOLY MONGOLEMPEROR and ARETHA, who both look above average, were timed from the 600m in 38.1.

FAWN left 1200m behind in 1:22.7 and 39.3. KONSTANTINA and CAMINO ROCOSO completed 1200m in 1:22.8, finishing off in 38.4.

ARTISTE, PODRAVINA and AMBITIOUS WINNER left 1200m behind in 1:23.5 and 38.9. LADYNADEL and ESPRESSO MARTINI ran the last 600m of work in 37.4.

NOT USUAL HEAVEN caught the eye with nice work over 1000m in 1:5 and 37.2. VISCONTI, LADY BLUE and NOT USUAL JUNE ran 1000m in 1:5.4, the 600m in 38. SCOTCH returned 1:8.6, the concluding 600m in 37.4.

MASU was clocked over 1200m in 1:26.1 and 43. LOVE AFFAIR came in from the 600m in 39.8.

DEELS DONE completed 1400m in 1:42.2 and 42.3. VON TUNZELMAN, who has been working well for some time, ran 1200m in 1:29, the last 600m in 40.1.

JIMMY ROCKET ran the final 600m of 1400m in 37.6. MEDITERRANEAN STAR strode 800m in 56.7.

CLEMENTINA and VEE CECE came in from the 600m in 39.3. KING’S CROSS ran an easy 600m in 43.7.

GLINDA GOODWITCH and a RELIABLE MAN Filly from the Marsh stable, were sent 1000m in 1:9.5 and 40.7. BLUE LAGOON ran 1400m in 1:41, the 600m in 39.4.

MR TRUMP returned comfortable work over 1000m in 1:13.5 and 43. SWORD IN STONE reeled off 800m in a smart 50.4.

TRUMPET ran 1000m in 1:9.4 and 40.5. BABY FACE returned 39.2 for 600m and MASTER PARK ran the last 600m of 800m in 40.9.

The reason no Pike horses are in the track report is because they don’t give the names at the gap.