Track Work 21 July 2020

RED BEACH and LUBAYA attracted attention with encouraging work on the No. 2 grass Tuesday morning.

Galloping 5m out on a slow/heavy ground, RED BEACH and LUBAYA matched strides from the 1000m in 1.6, sprinting the last 600m in 36.5.  Both were full of running through the finish.  RED BEACH was inconvenienced by the very heavy ground fresh up at Ellerslie and will be worth serious consideration next start. LUBAYA also looks in first class order.

MEDALZA impressed when working on her own over 1000m in 1:6.2, dashing home in 36.6.

LIGHTNING WARRIOR maintained a solid pace from the 1000m in 1:4.3, coming in from the 600m in 36.2.

SUMMER WARRIOR was sent 1600m, completing the last 1200m in 1:18.9, with the final 600m clocked in 37.1.

THE GREEN GREMLIN did well over 1200m in 1:21.3, sprinting home in 37.2.  INITIATIVE and AILEEN GRACE left 1000m behind in 1:6.5, completing the final 600m in 37.

FOXSQUILLION and SNITZ OF TIME were on terms at the finish of 1000m in 1:7.2 and 38.

COLLYS’ FOLLY was clocked from the 600m in 38.5.  STYLISH SUGGESTION came in from the 1000m in 1:8.3, finishing off in 38.9.

BEACHED AS BRO was not after time when restrained over 1000m in 1:14.6 and 44.3.  CHIEF SEQUOYAH left the 1200m behind in 1:22.3, coming home in 39.4.  NEW ROCA galloped nicely over 1200m in 1:19.1 and 38.4.

On the No. 4 grass SACRED ELIXIR strode comfortably over 1000m in 1:11.3, the 600m in 41.5.

BOSTONIAN was timed from the 600m in 41.  SHERWOOD FOREST followed in 39.2.  LOIRE came in from the 600m in 40.2.

Galloping on the sand, LADYLAX was sent 800m, the last 600m in 40.  MILLIE GEORGIA and TELEKINETIC ran the final 600m of 800m in 39.9.

LORD SIBFORD was timed from the 600m in 40.5.  MONLULA galloped well from the 600m in 41.

LETZ‘AV BUBBLES ran 600min 41.