Track Work 24 May 2016

GESEMI and NAILED IT handled the heavy conditions well when galloping on the inside of the number two grass. GESEMI and NAILED IT looked fit for weekend racing when completing 1200m together in 1:18.7, sprinting the final 600 in 38.5.

DEL RIOS and PHEASANT PLUCKER matched strides over 1000 in 1:08.3, sprinting the final 600 in 38.3, both travelled well throughout.

DOWNTON ABBEY and BLACKBIRD left the 1200 behind in 1:19.2, finishing off in 39. BARBARIC was in good form over 1000m in 1:08.5 and 38.6.

AAJA NACHLE was clocked from the 600 in 40.1. ROC DE BANK travelled sweetly throughout 1000 in 1:08.9, coming home in 38.7.

PRIVATE HERO came to the end of 1000 in 1:07.7 and 38.2. Last start winner ARZAK and ANA matched strides from the 1000 in 1:09, the 600 in 39.1.

BONNIEGIRL and PINCANTO followed with similar work. BLUE WAGON and SCAMP worked in from the 1000 in 1:09.7 and 39.6.

BACHELOR ZEEL cut out 1200m in 1:19.6, the 600 in 39.7. INASTRIDE and JIGSAW JANE matched strides from the 1000 in 1:10.2 and 40.3.

Working on the number four grass, RUBY and MEMORIES ONLY were well held over 1000 in 1:09.4 and the 600 in 39.

On the sand, WOODEN EDGE and SUPERARE worked over 1000 together in 1:10, coming home in 39.6.

AMASTAR and PERCALI were comfortable throughout 600 in 40.1. FRAZZLE and IVY’S GOLD came to the end of 1000 in a comfortable 1:11.1 and home in 41.7.

KINGSGRAVE was not after a time when covering 1000 in 1:12.9 and 43. The THORN PARK/FAIRY OAK Filly from the Marsh stable ran 600m in 39.2.

MACKENZIE KATE reeled off 600 in 42.8 and ZANOTTI ran 1000 in 1:11.2 and 40.8 for the last 600.