Track Work 3 December 2019

DAWN PATROL was in outstanding form during a busy session on the plough Tuesday morning.
DAWN PATROL was sent 800m, dashing the final 600m in 33.8, one of the fastest sectionals clocked for some time. He looks in great order.

FOOGAYZEE got clear of KONSTANTINA and MALIK at the completion of 1200m, run in 1:17.4, sprinting the last 600m in 35.7.

TRUE ENOUGH and HINERANGI were on terms throughout a solid 1200m in 1:15.3, finishing off in 36.1.

MAGNUM worked in nicely from the 800m in 50.4 and 36.3. SO WICKED, who has been returning some encouraging work over recent weeks, was sent 1000m in 1:6.1,coming home in 38.2.

STROLLING VAGABOND was timed from the 600m in 38.1. HASSTOBEGOOD worked well over 1200m in 1:16.6, the 600m in 36.1.

DIAMONDS GALORE and MARRONI did well from the 1000m in 1:7.5, the concluding 600m in 38.3. BERGAMOT and SNOWDEEL matched strides over 1000m in 1.62, the final 600m in 37.

VERNANME looked fit for weekend racing when working over 1200m in 1.20 and 39.3. NOT USUAL LITENING was timed from the 600m in 38.

Impressive last start winner UNITION and AMERICAN PRINCESS worked nicely together over 1000m in 1.5 and 37.9.

CRAFTY JESS and LADYLAX returned 1.21 for 1200m, the final 600 in 37.4. FINGERS CROSSED had ENJOY THE SHOW for a companion over 1200m in 1:18.3, sprinting home in 37.7.

MONGOLIAN SUN, COCO BACI and DARCEE QUE maintained a good pace over 1000m in 1.4 and 36.5. MONGOLIAN DYNASTY and SHE’S FEARLESS followed in 1:4.4, home in 37.1.

ROBUSTO and DECLARADA came to the end of 1200m in 1.21, quickening from the 600m in 37.4.

SAVASTEP looked above average when timed from the 1200m in 1:19.5 and 37.8. RIP EM UP ran 1000m in 1:5.2 and 38. ANNA CECELIA was not pushed when completing 1000m in 1.11 and 42.1.

KABU and MIDNIGHT MAGIC returned 1.8 and 39. KRAKADEEL was another to work well, cutting out 1200m in 1:17.5 and 37.1.

VAN IRVING ran 1000m in 1:8.5, home in 39.2. RAPOSA RAPIDA ran the last 600m of 1200m in 39.3. PRETTY TO SEA was clocked from the 600m in an easy 42.

BEACHED AS BRO ran 1200m in 1:24.1 and 41. ATOMIC BLONDE returned 1:8.2 and 39 for 1000m,
PONTIAC 1000m in 1:11.3 and 41.1, SHOOTING TO WIN 600m in 42.6, IMAREADY and MY WINE strode 1000m in 1:11.5 and 40.2, VIN DE DANCE came to the end of 1400m in 1.37, the last 600m in 39.2.

RITANI left 1200m behind in 1.26 and 39.4. Other 1200m’s timed included IZZY GEE 1:26.4 and 43, NOT USUAL HEAVEN 1:24.2 and 40, LINCOLN KING 1:21.7 and 40.5, SOCIALIGHTS 1:21.1 and 38.4,
HEART OF THE OCEAN completed the last 600m of work in 42.3, OSELETA ran 600m in 42.

CAMPARI was given easy work over 1000m in 1:12.1 and 41. READY TO ROAR cut out 600m in 42.1. GLORIOUS OCEAN ran 1000m in 1:8.3 and 41, OSAKA 1:10.1 and 41.4, SACROSANCT was let off with a three quarter pace 1200m. MASTER PARK ran in from the 600m in 40.5.