Track Work 4 February 2020

TRUE ENOUGH and STAR TSAR were the highlight of this morning’s work at Cambridge. Fog prevented the timing of some sectionals.

Galloping on the plough, TRUE ENOUGH and STAR TSAR left 1400m behind in 1:30.9, sprinting the final 600m in 35.6.

STAR TSAR could not have been more impressive when winning on debut. He will meet stronger opposition at Te Rapa this Saturday but he looks well above average and will handle the class rise.

TRUE ENOUGH looks at peak fitness and will again be most competitive this weekend.

SHOWBEEL and COCO BACI worked nicely together over 1400m in 1.39, completing the last 600m in 37.3. O’HE CAN did well in a solo workout from the 1000m in 1:6.2, covering the last 600m in 37.7.

Last start winner MONLULA had CABRELSEA for a companion over 1200m, clocked in 1:20.9 and 39.2. Both were traveling comfortably throughout.

DON DRAPER returned 1.10 for 1000m, the final 600m in 40.5. THOMAS AQUINAS and CARIBBEAN ROSE came to the end of 1200m in 1:19.1 and 37.9.

UNITION and ONEROA were in good form from the 600m in 36.3. NOT USUAL LITENING did well over 1000m in 1.4 and 37.1.

BEVAN STREET was kept under a firm hold from the 1000m run in 1:11.3, home in 42.1.

NOT USUAL HEAVEN was timed from the 600m in 41.8. SHE’S APPLES ran the final 600m of 900m in 43.

VEE CECE maintained a solid pace from the 1200m in 1:16.4. RIVERFALLS ran the last 600m of 1000m in 38.2.

RHAEGAR did his weekend chances no harm with nice work alongside CHECKERS from the 1000m in 1:4.1, sprinting home in 36.8.

MEKELLE was let off with easy work, completing the last 600m in 43.2. SPECIAL INTEREST was clocked 600m in 41.

SAHAR and SELENELION matched strides over 1000m in 1.6.3 and 38.

ARETHA returned 1:7.1 for 1000m. SCORPZ ran 1000m in 1:9.2. ROBUSTO and CRAFTY JESS cut out 1200m in 1.26 and 37.3.

QUICK THINKER and THE CHOSEN ONE look to be coming to hand well. They were on terms at the completion of 1200m in 1:26.1 and 40. Both are expected to trial shortly.

RISING RANSOM strode 1000m in 1:10.1 and 40.1. BIRDSONG and SHE’S A LADY were clocked from the 600m in 38.4.