Track Work 5 November 2019

On a morning when fog interrupted the timing of many gallops, JULIUS showed he is coming to hand well with outstanding work on the plough.

JULIUS looked far from a spent force when clocked over 800m in 49.6, dashing the final 600m in 36.

TRAVELLING LIGHT and a PINS gelding, came in nicely from the 600m in 38.1. DAM RELIABLE was another who caught the eye when completing 1000m in 1:2.5, sprinting the 400m in 24.2.

PRINCE ALBERT and RUN TO PERFECTION matched strides from the 1200m, clocked in 1.23, finishing off in 40.1

KONSTANTINA and SNOWDEEL left 1000m behind in 1:6.6, home in 37.4. DAUNTING and MONGOLIAN HERO were on terms at the completion of 1000m in 1:6.6, the 600m in 37.

CRAFTY JESS sprinted the final 600m of work in 36.9. MADAM HASS looked above average when timed from the 600m in 38.3.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS came to the end of 800m in 51.1. DAWN PATROL worked in from the 600m in 38.7. AMASTAR completed the final 600m of 1000m in 37.8.

RIVER RUN, who has been working well recently, was timed from the 600m in 37.1. FELAAR looked fit for the Christchurch Casino 156th New Zealand Cup, when timed from the 1000m in 1:7.7, home in 38.8.

BEST COMMAND and SILKY OAK came in from the 600m in 39. Others that could be tried from the 600m included SHE SPEEDS 40.2, RAPOSA RAPIDA and NOT USUAL HEAVEN 37.6, TRIP TO FREEDOM 39, AQUEDUCT and VLADIVOSTOK did well in 36.2, PLUCKY MISS 37.5, SEVEN SEAS 39.9, CARIBBEAN ROSE and CABALLERO 37.1, SWEET DREAMS and PRETTY TO SEA 44.5.