Track Work – Thursday, 26th March 2015

Awapuni candidate Zavamar looks a good chance this weekend after returning encouraging work at Cambridge this morning

Galloping on a good plough, Zavamar was well held throughout 1200m in 1.24 completing the final 600 in 39.6. He finished a nice 4th at Matamata, fresh up, and will appreciate the extra distance this weekend.

Sports Illustrated and Sydney Carton matched strides from the 1200m in 1.23.5, finishing off in 39.2. Divine Chiva completed 1000m in 1.8 coming home in 40.8. Ambitious Unicorn, Get That Tune and Coldplay worked nicely together over 600m 40.6. Blue Flag ran an easy 600m in 41. Gustavo cut out 1200m in 1.24.7, the final 600m in 39.8.

Mr Mosa and Money Box were paired over 800m completing the final 600m in 41. Sacred Star was given an easy 600m in 43. Alicudi looked fit for Awapuni when sprinting the last 600m of 800m in 39.6.

Alter Ego and Bob Veldez were clocked from the 600m in 40. Never in Doubt was sent 1000m in 3/4 pace.   Magic Memories was timed from the 600m in 43.7.

Awapuni – Saturday

Race 1  –   Gustavo, Popeye Braggins, Endeavour

Race 2   –   Mabeel, Steel Rose, Funhouse

Race 3   –   Blathwayt, Beau Agen, Tricia’o

Race 4   –   Zavamar, Postboy, Rubee

Race 5   –   Charmont, Dee I Cee, Werther

Race 6 –   Xcuses xcuses, Bushfire, Taken The Liberty

Race 7   –   Selfie, Nahema, Marky Mark

Race 8  –    Miss Foxwood, Mighty Solomon, Cosmic Cube

Race 9   –   Scapolo, Nashville,  Farm Boy

Race 10 –   Wills Road, Centre Cross, Mae West

Track tip   –   Zavamar – has worked well since good fresh up run   … extra distance suits