Track Work – Thursday, 27th March 2014

Secret Keeper and Thornbury were in fine form when working on a good plough at Cambridge on Thursday

Secret Keeper (Brook) and Thornbury (Browne) finished on term after 1000m in 1:8.2, sprinting the last 600m in 38.6.

Ruready (Gatu) worked away from the 1000m at three quarter pace and quickened from the 600m in 37.  Horse Warrior (Jago) came to the end of a comfortable 1000m in 1:10, the concluding 600m in 39.6.  Kaap’s Joy (Neil) ran an easy 600m in 44.7.  Hollywood Lad (Holly) followed with similar work.

Good Deeds (Norvall), Ann Echo (Macfarlane) and Regal Flirt (Hills) left 1200m behind in 1:21, finishing off in 38.6.  Harmonize (Hills) who ran a bold second at her last start was sent 1400m at three quarter pace, increasing pace over the last 600m in 39.7.  Enjay (Norvall) completed 1400m in 1:39.5, coming home in 40.

Lady Saieda (Macfarlane) worked nicely over 1000m in 1:7 and 39.9.  Katie’s Cove (Hills) ran easily over 1200m and was timed from the 600m in 40.6.  Soviet Song (Norvall) and Fire Power (Holly) strode 1200m in 1:25, the last 600m in 39.8.

Overtime (Norvall) was given an easy task over 1000m in 1:13 and 43.7.  Kisses and Damewithnoname, both medium weighted, were untested over 800m in 58.  And Hot in Pink (Hills) ran 1000m at three quarter pace.

Ellerslie Selections …..

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Track Tip –      Lady Cumquat (Awapuni) – has derived benefit from recent outings …. big chance