Track Work – Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Ambitious Hero and Elusive Gold returned encouraging work at Cambridge this morning

Galloping on the sand, Ambitious Hero (Jago) and Elusive Gold (Murphy) left 1200m behind in 1:21 the concluding 600m in 39.7.  Both were full of running at the finish.

Double Parked (Cafferty) completed the last 600m of 1000m in 39.  Dubai Wolf (McNab) and He Sure Is (Shaw) ran 1200m in 1:25.1 and 40.6 for the last 600m.  Panacotta (Johnson) came to the end of 600m in 39.9.  Arzak (Jago) ran a comfortable 600m in 44.9.  Luxury Liza (Macfarlane) was sent 1200m in 1:25.6 finishing off in 40.6.

Impressive recent debut winner Saywhen (Orting) was comfortable throughout 1000m in 1:9 and 40.

Galloping on a heavy grass, where few gallops could be timed because of thick fog, Neo (Orting) and Zankuro (Murphy) matched strides from the 1200m, the final 600m in 39.8.  Zeldara (Jago) and Orion (Orash) ran the last 800m of 1200m in 53.  Black Hennessy (Gatu) was travelling sweetly at the completion of 1000m. Apache Pat (Roustoby) ran the last 400m of 800m in 27.  Popeye Braggins (Marshall) hit out well over 1200m.  Allez Eagle (Collins) was timed to complete the last 400m of 800m in 26.8.  Keepercrossed (Murray) worked in well from the 1400m, the last 400m in 28.  Rocky Road (Harris) completed the last 600m of his work in 40.6.  And Alphabet Street (Sarah) was sent 1400m, the last 400m in 28.3.