Track Work 27 April 2016

CELEBRITY MISS looked sharp in training this morning when galloping on the plough. CELEBRITY MISS worked alongside PENTIRE BABE over a sound 1000 in 1.4.1, sprinting the final 600 in 30.6. She will strip fit for Te Rapa this weekend.

BACHELOR ZEEL travelled sweetly throughout 1200m in 1.23, finishing off 38.7. SYDNEY SHOT was clocked from the 600 in 42.9.

THE TILBURY maintained a good pace from the 1000 in 1.5.9, coming home in 38.9. KINGSGRAVE came to the end of 800m in 55.2.

GREY SAPPHIRE was not fully extended when completing the 600m in 42.7. THE HASSLER followed in 42.2.

EQUILIBRIUM and CUT ME LOOSE were paired over 600m in 41. LANCIATO was sent 1200m at 3/4 pace, quickening in from the 600 in 42.

RATSO RIZZO was given an easy task covering the 600 in 43.1. FRAZZLE followed with similar work.

FLYING BABE and STARLING were given an easy task over 400m in 29.1. CHANKOWONG returned 40.7 for 600m.

SERIOUS SATIRE cruised a 1000m in 1.11.5, and 42.2. FIVE OFF THE TEE worked nicely from the 1000 in 1.7.9., coming home in 40.2.

ZANOTTI was given an easy 600m in 43.4. THEE AULD FLOOZY covered the last 1200 of 1400 in 1.25, finishing off in 40.9.

KIMBERLEY COOL strode 600 in 45.