Track Work – Thursday, 14 February

Black Hennessy did best in training at Cambridge today on a morning that fog prevented the timing of several sectionals

Galloping on a good plough Black Hennessy (Hughes) kept up a strong pace from the 1000m in 1:4.3, sprinting the last 600m in 36.1. He will race in blinkers at New Plymouth this weekend and should be competitive.

Lucky Country (Harris) a favoured runner this weekend at the Taranaki meeting, was given a comfortable workout from the 1000m in 1:14, finishing off in 44.2. Race rival Decorah (Orting) was comfortable throughout 800m in 54. Open ‘N’ Shut (Hughes) looked in first class order when running 1000m in 1:6 and was joined by Bob Valdez (Gatu) in 38. Tilda (D Browne) and Sonic (E Browne) matched strides from the 1200m in 1:23.5, the last 600m in 38.3. Miss Isle (Berg) and My Scotsgrey (Mickey) kept up a solid clip from the 1200m in 1:16.7. Silent Achiever (Dalley) came to the end of 1200m in 1:27, quickening over the last 600m.

Clara Jane (Cropp) was sent 1200m at three quarter pace, running the last 600m in 41. Spinmyworld (Dalley) followed with similar work. Jeu de Cartes (Orting) and Genus (German) were timed from the 600m in 40.4. Future King (Norvall) left 1000m behind in 1:11.3. No Second Prize (Cropp) and De La Croix (Dalley) were let off with a three quarter pace gallop from the 1200m. Boomchuckalucka (Cuneen) was under a firm hold from the 1200m in 1:29.7. Satin Slipper (Mickey) and Celtic Chief (medium weight) were paired over 1200m in 1:17.7. Usanity (Orting) came in from the 800m in 53.6. Touch Ahead (Norvall) and The Terminator (Magorrian) travelled nicely throughout 1200m but could not be timed in the fog. Jack’s Run (Macfarlane) left 800m behind in 55.9.

Posh (Magorrian) and Allure (Cropp) were on terms throughout 1000m in 1:5, the 600m in 36.4. Guns at Five (Hughes) left 1600m behind in 1:46.1, the concluding 600m in 36.7 and Rebound (Dalley) came to the end of 600m in 37.5.

New Plymouth selections

Race 1 North of Sunset, Castiron Jack, Waive The Rules
Race 2 Just Ishi, Julian, I Suggest
Race 3 Taaxman, Goldminer, Nine Pin
Race 4 Neena Rock, La Valetta, Just the Tip
Race 5 Open ‘N’ Shut, Al Vesta, Ginna Heart
Race 6 Zaragoza, Girl Of My Dreams, True Spirit
Race 7 Tyne Cat, Jed, Heapzacash
Race 8 Estrato, I Do, Mungo Jerry
Race 9 High Fashion, Decorah, Lucky Country
Race 10 Ballybit, Sadler’s Rock, Inanoff

Track tip and best bet – Open ‘N’ Shut – has thrived since last start – should take beating

Outsider – Tilda.