Track Work – Thursday, 22 August 2013


Sharakti came through his final preparation for Taranaki this weekend in good style at Cambridge this morning

Galloping 18m out on a heavy No.2 Grass Sharakti (Orash) worked in from the 1400m in 1:41, the last 600m in 42.6.   Sharakti looks set to make amends for his last start failure.

Brompton (Cameron), an acceptor for Ellerslie this weekend, covered 1200m in 1:23.6, finishing off in 43.4.   Barside (McNab) had the measure of Align of Flutes (Harley) at the completion of 1000m in 1:13, the final section in 43.3.  Best Command (Smith) worked well over 800m, the final 600m in 42.3.     

Full of Spirit (Macfarlane) ran the last 800m of 1200m in 53.5.    Hands Orf (Norvall) cut out 1000m in 1:10.4, sprinting the final 600m in 39.4.

Royal Sceptre (Bradley) was in good form over 800m in 52.1.   Nigelisama (Browne) ran an easy 600m in 46.

Working on the No. 4 Grass, Silent Achiever (Dalley) and Full Count (Hills) matched strides from the 1000m in 1:12.5, finishing off in 41.3.

Galloping on the sand Bhiwani (Norvall) and Tipilik (Magorrian) worked in from the 800m in 57.     Le Moussieur (Cafferty) was clocked from the 600m in 42 after beginning at the 1200m.   Artemis (Troy) followed with similar work.   Sorm Miss (Magorrian) and Katies Cove (Dalley) worked well together from the 800m in 54.6.   No Second Prize (Brookes) and Firepower (Browne) left 1200m behind at three quarter pace, quickening from the 600m in a smart 38.4.

Safanad (Reid) worked over 800m in 54.3.   Aramore (Macfarlane), Delargo’s Secret (Hills) and Harmonise (Norvall) came in nicely from the 1000m in 1:6.9, sprinting the last 600m in 38.6.   Jack’s Run (Macfarlane) and Posh (Cropp) were paired over 1000m in 1:7.5, the concluding 600m in 39.

Ellerslie selections ….

Race 1   The Missing Link,  Noah Jon,  Houndscry

Race 2   Solyn,  Fair Script,  Isdabicky

Race 3   Tim,  Ima Dancer,  Authentic

Race 4   Sea King,  Joerok,  The Strutter

Race 5   Master Michael,  Just Got Home,  Brompton

Race 6   El Patron,  Ima Heroine,  Rangatira

Race 7   Fastfoot,  Wits End,  Flower Bomb

Race 8   Matost,  Magna Carta,  Uncle Shayne


Track Tip:   Sharakti  Race 5,  New Plymouth  –  failed  last start – stronger rider will suit      

Best Bet  – El Patron