Track Work – Thursday, 6 December

Manny drew attention to his weekend chances with a nice work out on a good No. 4 grass at Cambridge today  

The Ellerslie acceptor, Manny (Cuneen) was full of running at the completion of 800m alongside Apache Taat (Tiko), sprinting the final 600m in 36.8.   

Bone of Contention (Donoghue), who has derived benefit from his recent fresh up run, looked fit for Ellerslie when sprinting 400m in 25.2.  Watch King (German) did his Ellerslie prospects no harm when sprinting 800m with Big Rocket (Hutton) in 51.7.  More Than Secret (Douglas) reeled off 600m in 39.1.  C’Est Magnifique (Dalley) and The Terminator (Macfarlane) worked in nicely together from the 600m in 41. 

Le Cougar (Barkla) and Bob Valdez (Gatu) sprinted 600m in 36.1.  Open ‘N Shut (Hughes) impressed when dashing 600m in 35.4.  Beguile (Wenn) followed with 600m in 41.  The Prince (McNab) and Herman (Leung) ran an easy 1000m in 1:11.4 and 41.6.  Misstar (Orting) left 600m behind in 37.  Savannah Rush (Brennan) came to the end of 1000m in 1:9.5, finishing off in 42.8.

Brella Belle (Ivil) was sent 600m in 39.4.  Pussy O’Reilly (Nicholson) and Hasslefree (Collett) were timed from the 600m in 37.4.  Stamen (Gatu) did well when completing 1000m in 1:5, the last 600m in 36.4.  Barney (Tiko) and Under the Radar (Cuneen) were paired over 1000m, completing the final 600m in 39.1.    

Black Hennessy (Hughes) left 1200m behind at three quarter pace quickening over the final 600m in a smart 36.9.   Duchessofcambridge (Macfarlane) ran 1600m, the last 1000m in 1:10.7 and the final 600m in 39.  Tale to Tell (Browne) completed 1000m in 1:10.9 and 40.2.

Galloping on the No. 1 grass Lady Kipling (Orting) and On The Level (Roustoby) matched strides from the 1000m in 1:5 and 37.4.  Lady Chaparral (Hughes), preparing for the Captain Cook Stakes, worked well over 1000m with Single Currency (Gatu) in 1:5.4, sprinting the last 600m in 36.

Ellerslie selections -  Race 1  Deane Martin, The Hotz, Our Kingpin;  Race 2  Manny, Uno Five, Jimato;  Race 3 Ninepin, Carlotta, Jubilate;  Race 4  Watch King, Antonine, Smart Ball;  Race 5  Schrodingers Cat, Crush the Castle, In Tune;  Race 6  I’ll’ava’alf, Mr Toogood;  Race 7  Heat Blast, Cachucha, Speech Craft;  Race 8  Mosse, Durham Town, Ginner Heart;  Race 9  Biddable, Remise, Artemis;  Race 10  C’est Magnifique, Storming the Tower, Bone of Contention;  Race 11  Sinnfonia, Master Ip, Bruno

Track tip  -  C’Est Magnifique - impressive last start win – can repeat

Best bet  -  Mosse

Outsider  -  Akeepa