Track Work – Tuesday, 15th April 2014

The Tidy Express and Fire Power were paired in a solid gallop at Cambridge today 

Working on a dead No.4 Grass, The Tidy Express (Macfarlane) came in nicely from the 1800m and was joined by Fire Power (Hills) at the 1000m, covering the distance in 1:4.2, the last 600m in 37.3.

Petrified (Hughes) returned the quickest 600m of the morning session in 36.6.    Panarossa (Whitworth) and Wonderland (medium weight) worked well together from the 1000m in 1:3.8 and 37.6.   Wowowow (Young) and Adepto (Kuru) matched strides from the 800m in  51:9.    Blossom Queen (Gatu) worked in from the 1400m at three quarter pace, quickening from the 600m in 37.2. 

Hannah Mary (Mirrabelli) was clocked from the 600m in 39.  Elusive Gold (Orting) and Saavoya (Jago) matched strides from the 1000m in 1:8.7, finishing off in 39.1.   Overtime (Norvall) and Night Shift (Satherley) left a comfortable 1000m behind in 1:10.8 and 42 for the last 600m.

Galloping on the sand, Genius (Satherley) came to the end of 1000m in 1:7.6 and 38.8.   Mistaar (Legg) was sent 1000m in 1:8 and 39.  Chill Bill (Orting) followed with an easy 800m in 57.  Dalcatraze (Norvall) and Hollywood Lad (Hills) ran a leisurely 1000m in 1:10.6, finishing off in 37.2.   Zankuro (Legg) was clocked from the 600m in 40.   Epibeel (Orting) and Candy Belle (Orash) came to the end of 1000m in 1:9.2, the concluding 600m in 40.7.  

Say When (Legg) and Zeldaro (Orting) ran an easy 800m in 55.   Royal Sceptre (Hughes) cut out 600m in 41.7.  Mataguri (Orash) sprinted the last 600m of 1000m in 38.   Maia’s Angel (Gillies) and a Bachelor Duke gelding (Kuru) were paired over 600m in 43.6.  Mongolian Khan (Jago) and a Swiss Ace gelding (Orting) returned 40.1 for 600m.   And Diamond Edge (Orash) strode 1000m in 1:11 and 39.5.