Track Work – Tuesday, 7 February

Run Like Al and Sangster were in fine form when working on a good No.1 grass at Cambridge today.

Run Like Al (Mickey) kept up a solid pace over 1000m in 1:4.7, sprinting the final 600m in a very fast 34.7.   He is in tip-top order for Saturday’s Waikato Draught Sprint at Te Rapa.  

Sangster (Young) had My Brother Bags (McNab) for a companion over 1000m, sprinting the last 600m in 36.1.  He looks fit to begin a fresh campaign at the Waikato meeting.

Working on a good plough Carrick (Ormsby) and Feel One (Donoghue) left 1200m behind in 1:16.4, dashing the 600m in 35.2.  Pussy O’Reilly (Collett) and Irish Jewel (Nicholson) came to the end of a fast 1200m in 1:12.8, finishing off in 35.8.  Mr Legs (Jago), a recent trials winner, and Getonit (Robinson) were paired over 1000m in 1:7.9, the concluding 600m in 35.4.  Bright Dragon (Hills) was timed from the 600m in 35.3.  He’s Remarkable (Andrew) worked in from the 1000m in 1:9.7 and 38.7 for the 600m.  Savanah Rush (Tata) ran 1200m in 1:17.3, the 600m in 37.9.

Savour the Moment (Shaw) strode comfortably from the 1200m in 1.24.4, the 600m in 37.8.  C’est Magnifique (Andrew) ran an easy 1000m in 1:10.6, the last 600m in 39.8.  Imagine (Dally) left 1400m behind in 1:33.7, the 600m in 37.6. 

Divine Spice (McNab) and La Grande Dame (Marney) matched strides from the 1200m in 1:20.9, coming home in 37.6.   Kaap Diva (Jose) completed 1000m in 1:3.6, the 600m in 37.4.  Full of Spirit (McFarlane) cut out 1200m in 1:18 and 36.2.    Speedy Rocket (Brown) hit out freely over 1200m in 1:16.6, sprinting the 600m in 36.6.  Tales to Tell (McVan) ran 600m in 39.  The Terminator (Dally) ran 1400m in 1:33.4 and was joined by Sea Dragon (McShane) over the last 600m in 37.5.  

Skimio (Andrew) covered 600m in 42.9.  Floreat Days (McNab) was sent an easy 1000m in 1:12.3, the last 600m in 40.3.  Recession Proof (Shaw) came to the end of 600m in 41.4.  Insurgent (Dally) completed 1000m in 1:9 and 39.5.  Melrose (Donoghue) ran 1000m in 1:4.6, the last 1000m in 36.  Shezforeel (McAlpine) and Eastward (Hills) ran 1200m in 1:18.9, finishing off in 37.6