Track Work – Tuesday, 8 May

Tale to Tell and Arcenciel worked well on a good plough at Cambridge today.

Tale To Tell (Browne) travelled sweetly throughout 1200m in 1:19.5, sprinting the last 600m in 37.3.   He was under a nice hold on the line and has thrived in recent weeks.  Arcenciel (Seguin) kept up a strong pace from the 1200m in 1:16.2, dashing the final 600m in 36.9 and had plenty in reserve at the line.

Jeu de Cartes (Orting) worked in from the 1000m in 1:8.8, quickening over the final section in 37.  Oak Park (German) was clocked from the 600m in a smart 36.3.  Blue Nile (Orting) and debut winner Chill Bill (Roustoby) matched strides from the 1200m in 1:18.3, the final 600m in 37.3.  Pellegrini (German) sprinted 600m in 37.4.   Pay Attention (Hutton) completed 600m in 38.  Red Shift (Dally) traversed 1400m at three quarter pace, being timed over the last 600m in 40.

Rockburn (Norvall) and Recession Proof (Vennendaal) came to the end of 1200m in 1:21.2, the 600m in 37.  Military Fresh (Jago) and Physicist (medium weight) sprinted the final 600m of 1200m in 36.9.   Brella Belle (Ivil) and Butcher’s Daughter (Lafedal) impressed when coming in from the 1000m in 1:9.8, finishing off in 36.6.   Artemis (Macfarlane) and Prestigious Miss (Dally) worked together over 1000m in 1:5 and 37.1.    Empathy (Cully) and Marguerita Time (Hills) did well when returning 1:18.5 for 1200m, the last 600m in 36.4.

O’Right Zen (McNab) was not pushed when completing 1000m in 1:9.4, coming home in 41.  Coyle (Donoghue) and Westbrook (Collett) returned 1:6.7 for 1000m, the last 600m in 37.   Game Time (Dally) strode 1200m in 1:22.9, the concluding 600m in 38.  Worthing (Cameron) was timed from the 1200m in 1:20, the last 600m in 37.4.   Large as Life (Hills), Joyful Spirit (Gatu) and General Lee (Cully) came to the end of 800m in 52,6.  Indian Sky (Armitt) and Dehere and There (medium weight) followed with 1200m in 1:21 and 38.3.   

Taking the Mickey (Donoghue) ran 1200m in 1:19.7 and 38.6.  Fonda U (Ivil) and a Golan gelding from Frank Ritchie’s stable were on terms throughout 600m in 38.5.   Stock Pin (Ormsby) and Princess Guru (Stanaway) completed the last 600m of their work in 38.9.  Gallant Guru (Dally) had Altisino (McShane) for a companion over 600m in 39.  Shabby Sheik (Thornton) and Gok (Gould) travelled comfortably from the 1200m in 1:30, the final 600m in 43.8.   Bayros (Woods) returned 1:25 for 1200m, the last 600m in 37.6.  She’s Invincible (Cameron) was timed from the 600m in 37.9.  E Two (O’Shea) strode in easily from the 1000m in 1:12.1 and 45.6.   Star of Reims (Collett) returned 37.4 for 600m and Khemosabi (Frank) sprinted 600m strongly in 36.8.