Track Work – Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Full of Spirit and Holy Moly, both preparing for Saturday’s One Thousand Guineas at Riccarton, worked nicely in separate gallops on the No. 1 grass, which provided good footing.

Full of Spirit (Andrew), an unlucky runner at her most recent start, travelled sweetly from the 1400m in 1:32.5, sprinting the final 600m in 37.7.   Holy Moly (Dally) followed over the same distance, completing the last 1000m in 1:6.9 and coming home in 38.2.   Both members of the Roger James stable look at peak fitness.

Artistic (Jago) and Satin Slipper (Mickey) were not pressured when completing 1000m in 1.10, the final section in 42.3.

Galloping on a firm plough Brella Belle (Ivil) was one of several impressive work-outs when completing 1000m in 1:3.6, finishing off in 35.5.  She looks in good order for her Tauranga engagement on Saturday.  Nancho Bella (Brennan) returned excellent work over 1000m in 59.4, the 600m in 35.  Start Packing (Kayla) and Chettak (Marney) were timed from the 1000m in 1:2, the concluding 600m in 36.   Wrecking Crew (Forbes) and Enjoyit (Murray) left 1000m behind in 1:2.8, the 600m in 35.1. 

Indian Sky (Armitt) and Say No More (Cellina) were on terms at the completion of 1000m in 1:2.2 and 35.4.   Handsome Mates (Robson) and Lady Chaparrel (Murray) were paired over 1000m in 1:2, the last 600m in 35.7.  

Lucy in Disguise (Tiko) and Gendarme (Cuneen) hit out well over 1000m in 1:2.9 and 35.9.   Bob Valdez (Robson) and a Lohnro gelding (Hills) returned nice work over 800m in 49.3.   Falena (McShane) was given an easy task when returning 45 for 600m. Lost World (Roustoby) was timed from the 600m in 40.3.   The Diamond Duke (Cliff) and  RU Devious (Kayla)  left 1200m behind in 1:20, finishing off in 37.5.  Mr Tipsy (Norvall) followed in 1:19.8 and 37.4.  The Tidy Express (Cowie) returned 40.4 for 600m.  Flicka (Orting) and Oak Park (German) cut out 600m in 38.   Platinum Express (Waters) ran a comfortable 600m in 44.2.   Worthing (Cameron) was not fully extended when running 800m in 55.1. 

 Party Brat (Murray) and a Lucky Unicorn gelding (Cropp) did well to run 800m in 48.3.  Despero (Brown) and Heat Seeking Rocket (Ormsby) sprinted 600m in 37.3.  Tick Tock Arnie (Hills) ran 1200m in 1:21.3 and 39.4. 

Feel One (Donoghue) completed 1200m in 1:20.4, sprinting the last 600m in 35.1.   He’s A Dandy Boy (Robson) and Open and Shut (Hills) came to the end of 1000m in 1:5.2, coming home in 37.8.   Last Picasso (Tiko) and Barney (Cuneen) finished on terms after running 1200m in 1:17.5 and 36.3.   San d’ore (Woods) sprinted 600m in 36.4.

 Zonza (Dally) and The Terminator (Andrew) ran 1600m in 1:46.6, the 600m in 37.3.   Large Risk (Robson) strode 1400m in 1:39, sprinting the 600m in 38.7.  Royal Spectre (Keoghan) worked over a comfortable 1000m in 1:12.5 and 43.   The Old Sheila (McNab) returned 41 for 600m and Lady Kipling (German) and Ishma (Orting) ran 800m in 50.3.