Trackwork – Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Marguerita Time, who ran 1400m, was one of only a few who could be timed at Cambridge today because of thick fog.

Working 12 metres out on the No.2 grass Marguerita Time (Gatu) was travelling well at the completion of 1400m in 1:35.8. Marmi (Cameron) ran the last 400m of 800m in 26.8. Popeye Braggins (Marshall) was sent 800m in 54.3. Barside (Young) and Shame On You  (Kuru) worked nicely together over 1000m, the last 400m in 27. Atlante (Murphy), who has shown much promise, worked over 1000m with Orion (Hutton). Both hit the line strongly. Kelly O’Reilly (Texairn) was sent 800m.

Working on the No.4 grass Ruud Awakening (Harris), who looks in excellent order for a spring campaign, cruised 600m in 43. Auckland Cup winner Sangster (Young), who is also coming to hand well, ran 800m on the No.1 grass but could not be timed.